Gary Lee's Motor Club and Grub makes changes and looks for liquor license compromise with West Wash Park

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Ever since Gary Lee Bomar's plans for a liquor license for Gary Lee's Motor Club and Grub came under fire by the West Wash Park Neighborhood Association, the restaurateur has been out canvassing, rounding up signatures for his petition and meeting with the Baker Historic Neighborhood Association in order to figure out how to make his vision come to life.

And though he's not totally sure what the final compromise will look like, he has made some changes to his plans.

For instance, he'll open with a much smaller patio than he originally anticipated. "Officially, I can only do a patio that's 20 percent the size of my interior," he explains. "Anything more than that needs a special permit." Which means that he'll start with 508 square feet -- about the area he'd intended to cover -- and wait a few months before applying for the expansion. He'll be closing the deck at 10 p.m. during the week and 11 p.m. on the weekends, and there won't be live music -- or even amplified music -- outside (though, he's still hoping to offer live jazz inside).

And to further mitigate the noise, Bomar has offered to put up a six foot fence parallel with Cedar Avenue, but city regulations are making that tough: "According to zoning, half of that six foot fence has to be see-through, which means I'd have to do every other picket, and that probably wouldn't help with the noise," he admits, adding that he's looking at clear materials to build the wall, instead.

The motorcycle parking is also out -- Bomar says there was a right of way issue because of the sidewalk -- but he's considering the idea of putting in a B Cycle station, even though that process takes several months.

As for the neighborhood associations, the owner says he's currently drafting a good neighbor agreement with the Baker neighborhood, the residents of which have been mostly supportive, although they've also encouraged him to be proactive. And in Wash Park, Bomar says he's only met with about 2 percent of residents that are in opposition, so he's hoping he'll still be able to find common ground there.

He meets again with WWNPA in early July.

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Gary Baker
Gary Baker

I am a neighbor that believes that this is a fine addition to the area. I do not know what the main opposition to this new business is but find that some people must not have anything better to do than create drama. Making personal attacks on a person rather than bringing up valid points is just one example of the narrow mindedness and shallow depth of thought by some in our neighborhood. If you wanted to live in a covenant neighborhood you could have moved to the suburb where you have the ability to try and control everything that your neighbor does right down to the color of his house, but you do not and it appears petty and child like to oppose a new business that wants to create jobs and lend diversity to the area. This neighborhood has a wide variety of businesses, not just “bars” and I feel that if a person is willing to take the chance and risk then they should be allowed to try. My suggestion to those that oppose is to take your busy body selves and all the energy you are wasting on this and try to help the homeless that wonder our neighborhood 24/7 or go pick up litter, then you might actually effect real change.


Why hasn't anyone asked why no on in our neighborhood opposed the Tiki Bar going in six doors down?  Or opposed the Barker Lounge when it went in across the street?  Or SOBO on the other corner?   Why is it that we are supposed to be ok with 3 bars on 3 corners on one block?  Is it because our neighborhood is so blighted that we should be lucky that anyone at all will open a business there?  Why do we need to feel grateful someone wants to put in another live music venue with a big patio? (original plans were for 60% of seating outside)  The SkyLark is one block away, and the old Kitty's theatre is being revamped into a music venue.  Just because we are an urban neighborhood on a busy corridor doesn't mean that we don't deserve a mix of businesses to make our area vital and interesting.  In addition, Gary was telling people in our neighborhood two weeks ago that he HAD a good neighbor agreement when he was petitioning.  Plus, he's telling anyone that will listen that if this deal falls apart he will lose his house.  No one told this guy about an LLC, and he is going into an industry with a 90% failure rate?  Doesn't say much for his business acumen.  But it sure gets the pity vote doesn't it?Thanks Laura for not making any effort to find out what the neighbors think and creating this ridiculous David & Goliath story.


Its too bad a few people who have nothing to do in Wash Park would force this business owner to dilute his concept. You West Wash Park'ers that have a overly inflated opinion of yourself and your neighborhood...move to Boulder.


Hopefully he won't be handcuffed with an agreement like the one Brown Dog pizza succumbed to.  That was tragic they felt forced to do that.........there is a better way to operate your business and still be a good neighbor.  Especially letting the neighborhood have the approval of who they may sell the business to in the future.  can you image that happening in a residential transaction???

Rob K
Rob K

Actually as a neighbor - (probably closer than you as I'm on the east side only a couple blocks away) - I fully support Gary's plans and I'm saddened that the moto parking has been nixed.  

As a motorcyclist, I take up less room and use less gas but am tarred and feathered as if I'm Sonny Barger just because I'm on two wheels.The letter from Karen and Tony Hinkle that was dropped on my front porch implied that there was some kind of issue because there would be motorcycle parking.  Yes there are load bikes, but there are load cars, load fire trucks and well, it's Broadway and Alameda - it's loud.  I know Karen, and was saddened that she and her husband are opposing what looks to be a great addition to our vibrant and eclectic neighborhood as well as welcoming playing into outdated stereotypes.

If more of use rode instead of drove, there would be less traffic, less gas used and a lot more smiles, (anyone who has ridden know that it's hard to be angry when you're on a bike ;)

Good luck to you, Gary

Rob K
Rob K

opps - a couple of typos - should be 'loud' not load.  sorry about that.

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