Ghost Plate & Tap is now pouring

Ghost Plate & Tap, the latest venture by the Wynkoop/Breckenridge group, just opened this afternoon in the former home of the Rocky Mountain Diner, and is pouring 23 craft beers -- or will, once they're all in place. But in the meantime, the bar is open -- and it sounds a lot more crowded than it looked at lunchtime today, when first customer Lew Cady sampled a brew.

Sadly, the saddle stools where you used to be able to belly up to this bar are gone. But the beers are a good consolation prize, and the menu features many of the greatest hits of the Wynkoop family of restaurants.

For more information, call 303-297-1738. (And fair warning: The phone number on the Ghost Plate website is wrong -- but the historic pictures are very cool).

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Ghost Plate & Tap - CLOSED

800 18th St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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We went there tonight because we like the Wynkoop and Breck and thought that the combination of the two would be great. The beer list was good, not great, but good with  one or two that I have not had before.  I asked for a taste of one of the more expensive beers and was told that I'd have to pay for it.  So, rather than giving me a taste and maybe selling a snifter of $8 beer they lost that sale because I was not about to spend $8 on a beer I never had and was not sure I liked.  I found this curious for a new establishment and thought they would want to gamble the 1oz of beer to please a customer.  The menu was okay, but uninspired.  I had a beet salad and it was tasty and the sweet potato fries were some of the best I've had.  But the choices were just, ho-hum, which matched the decor.  There was no character to the interior, no paintings, no cool booths, nothing to look at.  To me it was just a basic bar and grill in Anytown USA.  Not that this was a bad thing but I believe our waiter was Gabe from The Office.  He was good and attentive but clearly did not have enough to do and kept checking in on us.  I like attentive but I began to feel sorry for him.  The place was empty and he just needed more tables.I probably will give it another try in several months if the menu changes and if they get Joshua Hassel to find some paintings.

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