Justice League of Street Food rolls into RiNo

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aJustice League biscuit.jpg
Jenny An
Fried chicken biscuits from the Biscuit Bus.

Denver's Wayfarer-wearing set descended en masse on RiNo, just north of Fuel Cafe, for Saturday's Justice League of Street Food party, the first of the season. Within two hours of the 5 p.m. start, the Biscuit Bus had already run out of pulled-pork biscuits and Deluxe's Little Orange Rocket was worrying that it would be completely out of food by 9 p.m. Pinche Tacos won the longest-line contest, with every morsel of food requiring at least a fifteen-minute wait. Luckily, cheap beer and sangria kept morale high.

Other participants included the Denver Cupcake Truck, Steuben's Food Service Truck, the Steamin' Demon, Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs, Sully's Slice Truck, and Stick It to Me. The next Justice League event will be on July 9.

Here's the magic in photos.

aJustice League stickit.jpg
Jenny An
Stick It to Me's Nate Ezra with a s'more on a stick.

aJusticeLeague Pinche.jpg
Jenny An
Veggie and carne asada tacos from Pinche Tacos.

aJusticeLeague biker jim.jpg
Jenny An
Biker Jim's Jim Pittenger.

aJusticeLeague steuben.jpg
Jenny An
Steuben's Food Service Truck.

aJusticeLeague cupcake.jpg
Enjoying cupcakes.

aJusticeLeague sully2.jpg
Jenny An
Andy DelGrosso at Sully's Slice Truck.

aJusticeLeague Loco Moco.jpg
Jenny An
The Steamin' Demon's Loco Moco.

aJusticeLeague sully.jpg
Jenny An
Tastes like summer.

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Fuel Cafe

3455 Ringsby Court, Denver, CO

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Great time!  Lots of fun, but next time they need to get the trucks in a straight line instead of a semi-circle so all the lines don't run together. 


These photos are fantastic! You are doing a fine job, soul sistah!

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