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On Saturday I was in Globeville looking for the White Owl, a bar that took over a sixty-year-old Slavic speakeasy named the Portulaca Cafe in 2008. The Owl had a reputation as a super-friendly, cash-only bar without food but with PBR on tap.

As it turns out, the White Owl has flown the coop -- but we were pleasantly surprised by what's landed in its former home at 321 East 45th Avenue: Crash 45.

Shane Evans, a metal sculptor who'd owned Liquid Lounge in Breckenridge, purchased the White Owl in May. And while Globeville may seen as far away as Breck to the uninformed SoBo/hipster crowd, it's only a short mile from downtown. Evans has already made improvements to the place, expanding the patio, adding a room for music and DJs, and filling the spot with his own metalwork, including a huge, Max Headroom-ish robot.

The real surprise is in the kitchen: Wade Kirwin, who worked for years as executive chef at Vesta Dipping Grill under Matt Selby, is keeping things cooking here, and recently introduced a small menu (on the back of a bicycle license plate) that features great burgers and corndogs that are really deep-fried shrimp with a honey-pepper dipping sauce.

We sat down at the beautiful, hundred-year-old bar (moved there from a Denver hotel many years ago) and asked bartender Kaydee for a drink that was rummy and fruity. She quickly produced a happy cocktail she named Kaydee's Rum Punch ($5), concocted from Sailor Jerry's Rum, pineapple and orange juice, triple sec and cherry juice.

After getting our drinks and some grub, we chatted with Wade, Kaydee and Shawn. Crash 45 is hosting different thematic evenings, including a regular Thursday motorcycle night that's already popular, and an upcoming show devoted to Jack Kerouac.

Looks like Crash 45 is on a collision course to become just what this evolving neighborhood needs.

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Crash 45 - CLOSED

321 E. 45th Ave., Denver, CO

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DJ Celebrytie (Terri)
DJ Celebrytie (Terri)

This is one of the best places to open in Denver in years! Shane and Kaydee both are wonderful hosts and have been absolutely great with the crowd we bring in. Wade's menu is a big hit with my pals that have tried some of the items on it. (I DJ with my fiance two fridays a month for our night, Synthetique hosted at Crash 45) Our crowd loves the place and I have actually DJed for some crappy places before where the managers and owners think you (the DJ) owe them. Shane and Kaydee show us they appreciate what we do and we actually love working with Kaydee and for Shane!  We scored big when we found this place. The atmosphere is one of the coolest around and Shane's metal work is phenomenal!  I can't imagine anyone having an experience like the other comment. I thought I should post on the experience we have had and tell you what our friends and friends of friends that come in have told us :) 


Won't be back.  Eager to check out the new spot with the new food, we went there on a Thursday night. Place was empty...figured the service would be great. Wrong.  The bartender (who gets honorable mention in this article for some bizarre reason) threw the menu at me from across the bar. When I told her I was ready to order a few minutes later, she informed me that she had just told the kitchen to close.  Then turned her back on us.  I finally yelled that I'd still like a beer, which she acknowledged with "in a minute."  We all sat down at the table closest to the bar...10 minutes later, still waiting for my drink, I realize that it is sitting on the bar.  "Kaydee" couldn't even be troubled to bring it to our table.  Worse yet, I was informed that the one patron who had come in and sat down at the bar -- without a word to his only customers -- turned out to be Shane, the owner!  We promptly left and went to Jakes in FivePoints (strongly recommend it), where we overheard another patron talking about how shitty the service is at Crash!  No joke.  

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