Food porn from ChoLon's Celebrity Chef tour dinner

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The community table at the Celebrity Chef Tour dinner at ChoLon.
Top Chef Angelo Sosa and Lon Symensma didn't make good on their promise to come out in Speedos for dessert at Wednesday night's Celebrity Chef Tour dinner benefiting the James Beard Foundation at ChoLon Modern Asian Bistro Wednesday night, but that was the only disappointment at a very delicious event.

Symensma, who moved out from New York to open ChoLon with his old friend Alicia Pokoik Deters and her husband, Jim Deters, last fall, called on another old friend, star chef Angelo Sosa, to join him in the kitchen for the event. Together they created a menu that included a number of incredible passed apps, as well as soft-shell crab with a green papaya-watermelon salad with tamarind dressing, and spiced lamb loin with charred eggplant puree, wok hay ratatouille and orzo "fried rice."

Enjoy the food porn.

Top Chef Angelo Sosa with ChoLon's Lon Symensma.

Beef tartare with gochujang dressing and micro shiso.

Kumamato oysters with curry pearls and white sturgeon caviar.

Grilled duck satay with passion fruit-togarashi glaze.

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ChoLon Modern Asian Bistro

1555 Blake St., Denver, CO

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