Reader: Bread alert! Denver needs a Wawa

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Stephen Cummings
The Italian combo number one at Carbone's.
After reviewing Carbone's Italian Sausage Deli , Laura Shunk rounded up four more of the town's superlative sandwiches for "Denver's five best spots for sandwiches."

Readers served up their own favorite shops, including Snarf's (a Boulder institution now open in the Spire), Udi's, the Old-Fashioned Italian Deli, Marczyk's Fine Foods and Cook's Fresh Market.

But then there was this from Tom W:

There really are not a lot of good sandwich options in Denver. I think Lucky's on 6th makes a good sandwich, so does Famous Philly Cheese Steaks near Stapleton. What Denver needs is Wawa - nothing great, but always a good sandwich.

And C. Montgomery Burns offered his own baloney sandwich:

Has anyone been to that "McDonalds" restaurant? Their hamburger sandwich is quite excellent.

Have a favorite sandwich in town? Post it below, or add it to the comments at the end of "Denver's five best spots for sandwiches."

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Carbone's Italian Sausage Deli - CLOSED

1221 W. 38th Ave., Denver, CO

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Backcountry Provisions in LoDo - awesome sandwiches!


ugh, i would gladly trade living on the East Coast and near any Wawa (not THAT great, btw) for being back in Denver.


I would have to agree with the comment above, from Tom..., though I would prefer to see a Sheetz!!  As an East Coaster I do say that a good sandwhich is hard to find in this town... Things are creative and good tasting, but lack the simplicty of a filling, cheap, and consistant sandwhich.  However, I have found a place that does fill this catagory.. El Nopalito on Alameda and Broadway.  Their Carnitas Tortas are the closest thing I have found to a "good" sandwhich...Fresh baked bread and great meats... Try one.  

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