Reader: Flagstaff House's Mark Monette schools the loser kids

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Chefr Mark Monette at the Flagstaff House.
Mark Monette has been interested in food since he ate pounds of pancakes at the Boulder Village Inn that his father managed in the '60s. Although his culinary training took him far afield, he ultimately returned to Boulder to run the kitchen at the Flagstaff House, which his family had opened in 1971.

Lori Midson interviewed Mark Monette for this week's Chef and Tell, which drew a rave from Salgode:

E XCELLENT Chef & Tell!!!! Chef Monette is eloquent, tasteful, tactful, insightful and extremely professional. There are certainly a few previous Chef & Teller's, especially the little young buck newbie I'm-a line-cook-made-"exec"-Denver scene-inbred-chef's that could learn a great deal from this gentleman and professional chef. Although those types are tiresome it at minimum provides laughable moments especially when the Chef's whining about customers speaking their opinion, pissing down their legs about other chef's earned and well deserved noteriety (because they'll never amount to anything more jealousy), jumping up and down stomping their feet screaming "Look at me Look at meeee!!!" like the loser kid in the schoolyard. LOL

Again this was a great Chef and Tell and from that alone a chef whose cuisine and service I would want to experience. So hey wanna-be think you are an "exec" young punks you just got schooled! Like on Fat Albert when Rudy used to say "Man, you're like school during the summer. NO CLASS!"

Laura Shunk had her own trepidations when she visited the forty-year-old Flagstaff House earlier this year, but she discovered that chef Mark Monette is keeping things fresh, and deserves raves not just for his views, but also his food. Read her review of Flagstaff House here.

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I liked this Chef and Tell too (though I could do without the "5 words to tell us..." bs).

I disagree with this reader's disparagement of Denver's other less formally educated chefs.  Clearly Chef Monette has paid his dues internationally and around the US, but most people do not have the resources to do that kind of wide education. 

Not every restaurant can afford a chef with the credentials of Chef Monette, and certainly Denver diners can not afford that at every restaurant.  Could we use more Chefs in Denver with this pedigree? Sure.  But does that mean we should not hear from Chef promoted from line cooks who are acutally feeding most of the Denver restaurant scene? No!  Lay it out there for us and let's hear what these chefs are really like. 

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