Reader: Ice cream? Your love of all things Frasca is ridiculous

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It's going to be hot today, perfect weather for some ice cream.

Andrew Hyde
Ice cream at Frasca Food & Wine.
It's already hot in the comments section of Laura Shunk's "Denver's five best spots for ice cream" post, where readers are melting for Sweet Action, giving Liks the deep freeze and, in the case of anon, asking Shunk to shut up already about Frasca:

Honestly, Laura. Can you blow Frasca any more? Your ridiculous love of all things Frasca is over the top.

But then, so is its ice cream....

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Frasca Food and Wine

1738 Pearl St., Boulder, CO

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I am going to have to agree with this comment. Again, move on Laura. It is beginning to affect your credibility with the readers of this blog.


I wonder if anon is referring to Laura performing said sexual act on the ice cream, or on the restaurant itself...? And sorry, ye olde angry mob, but Liks is just aight. Liks ice cream is better than the stuff lurking in the freezer-burnt tubs at Safeway, but not as good as Frasca's. Or Sweet Action's. Tip O' the Day: Marczyk's carries Sweet Action's magically delicious blackberry-lavender ice cream in pints. Try it, and you will forget Liks like a dream upon waking.

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