Talk about a meat market! Scarlet Ranch swingers' club moves into the Northwoods Inn

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Here's the start of our capsule review of the Northwoods Inn, a Colorado institution that opened on South Santa Fe Drive back in 1961, then moved to 8109 Blakeland Drive in Littleton a decade ago: "Not surprisingly, the menu at this veteran steakhouse is mostly meat."

And how! Turns out that the Northwoods closed last Sunday, and tomorrow will make its debut as the new home of the Scarlet Ranch, a swingers' club that closed its location at 424 Broadway in April.

Back in 2003, then-Westword critic Jason Sheehan dined with legendary concert promoter Barry Fey at the Northwoods; at the time, customers were urged to throw peanut shells on the floor. This weekend, they could be rolling on the floor themselves.

The Scarlet Ranch website has the scoop on the massive new facility:

Grand Opening Weekend Details:

~ Opening - Friday, June 3rd
~ Grand Opening Gala ~ Saturday, June 4th

8109 Blakeland Drive
Littleton, Colorado 80125
303-SCARLET (303 722-7538)
Hours: 8:00 PM - 2:00 AM

Scarlet Ranch is proud to bring to Denver one of the largest and nicest lifestyle facilities in North America.

Nestled into our beautifully manicured landscape, our new 18,000 sq. ft. facility can accommodate events up to 1,000 people and provides a private, safe and amazing experience.

Some features include:

* 5 acres of park-like setting providing for indoor as well as outdoor "play areas"
* 2 outdoor hot tubs (Coming Soon)
* Very large dance floor with state-of-the-art sound and lighting system.
* Seating for over 200 people
* Full kitchen: providing fresh appetizers throughout the evening.
* Two levels with a variety of "play rooms" that we are working on now.
* Plenty of Private Parking

Additional Details:

- You do not need to RSVP to attend the event, Everyone is always welcome! :-)
- Hours have changed to 8pm - 2am
- Yes, it is still BYOB!

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This place is terrible it practices open discriminates against people of color. If your are a person of color you are not welcomed their.


The North Woods had trouble at the location for years. I worked there and ever since moving from the Hudson garden location, business was off. I met the new owner of the place and it is actaully opening as a very nice restaurant. The swinger group just uses the place after hours.

Best of luck and hopefully all goes well for them.

Steve Everett
Steve Everett

This is terrible. I loved Northwoods Inn, and can't believe they sold the restaurant to these idiots.


Forget the KY and pass the A1.


I think patrons should throw peanut shells on the floor and then roll around in them. That would be pretty hot.


It is the closed minded who are the real idiots...

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