The crew from Udi's opens Pickled Lemon in Boulder

Lori Midson
Last month, when I interviewed Robin Baron, executive chef of Udi's Pizza Bar and Udi's Bread Cafe, of which there are four locations scattered across the Front Range, she let on that the Baron family, spearheaded by her father, Udi, a confirmed bread head, were unleashing a quick-casual Middle Eastern joint on the Hill in Boulder. "It's a new concept for Udi's, and I'm very excited. I've been dreaming about doing Middle Eastern food forever. It's my food of choice," Robin told me at the time.

Last week, her dream came true when she opened Pickled Lemon at 1155 Thirteenth Street.

The space, which seats fifty and trumpets a front, streetside patio, is bedecked with Moroccan-style wallpaper and kaleidoscopic tables topped with groovy Mideast pop art. Diners order at the register, take a seat and make a beeline for the counter when their dishes are ready. "Each person can customize their dish by choosing a plate, pita or salad and topping it with falafel, meats and veggies," explains Robin, adding that plates can be accessorized with fresh-made sauces and housemade pickles.

Everything, notes Robin, is made fresh daily, including the hummus, which is served warm. "I'm also playing around with some Israeli deserts, so I can come with some unique sweets, and to top it off, we have a liquor license, so we'll be serving four different specialty frozen mixed drinks along with beers on tap."

Her pita bread, a recipe that's she's been playing with for the past seven months, is charred on the exterior, puffy and thick. "In Israel, we call this style of pita a 'Yemenite pita,'" she says. "At Udi's, dough is our main thing, and starting from the ground up is the most important part of making a killer pita sandwich."

The Pickled Lemon is open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Saturday and closed Sunday. For more info, call 720-353-4442.

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This is one of the best restaurants in Boulder! ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS. And a THOUSAND times better than Garbanzo. If you haven't been you are missing out!


Falafel is essentially another ultimate convenience food kind of like the hamburger or Mission-style burrito. In some countries you'll find falafel stands on every corner. Think Starbucks, McDonalds or Chipotle. So I guess the question is if 12 restaurants with this menu are enough? Or which of the restaurants might make falafel an everyday Colorado food? After all, how many hamburger restaurants with identical menus can this city support? The answer is lots of hamburger restaurants. Seems like we can't get enough. I hope an accessible falafel restaurant shows up very soon in my 'hood. Pickled Lemon come to Denver!!


True, but very close. 12 other resturants in Denver which the same exact menu..


29th Street Mall and the Hill are "very close" only if you define everything in Boulder as "very close" to everything else in Boulder.  Which is to say, they are not very close.  Seeing as how we have multiple Chipotles, Qdobas, and Illegal Petes around town, all serving burritos, gobs and gobs of sandwich shops around town all serving sandwiches, numerous pizza places around town all serving pizza by the slice, I don't see how a Garbanzos at 29th Street has any relevance to a restaurant with a similar menu on the Hill.  In fact, the Hill alone supports multiples of the burrito joints, sandwich shops, and pizza places.  Why then does the fact that 29 Street has a falafel place have anything to do with this place?


AFAIK, the only Garbanzo's is in the 29th Street Mall, nowhere near here.


This concept sounds very familiar to Garbanzo's. Isn't there one in Boulder right down the street from them?

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