British punk rockers, The Vaccines, ballyhoo the Buckhorn Exchange as the best food experience while on tour...really?

Okay, I admit it: I've never heard of the The Vaccines, a British punk rock band that Rolling Stone magazine calls "Hopped-Up Romantics Ruling the U.K. Charts," which is rather strange, since the music mag compares the group of four to Joy Division and the Jesus and Mary Chain, both of which are bands that shaped my hairstyle, wardrobe and makeup palette in the eighties.

In any case, the band recently toured in Denver, and while they were here, they went to dinner, because, you know, you gotta eat at some stage, and in an interview that ran yesterday on, the band gave a huge shout-out to The Buckhorn Exchange, calling it, among other things, the "most incredible" food experience they've had on their US tour.

No, seriously. Read it for yourself:

You had your first American tour back in January. What's your favorite US city you've toured in because of the food and what restaurants do you usually visit while there?
Denver was pretty good for me. We went to this place called the Buckhorn Exchange. The walls are plastered with taxidermied animals and there's just unbelievable meat! You can get buffalo and ostrich, but for some reason I just got the salmon. But they also have this thing called "Rocky Mountain Oysters." Do you know what that is? Buffalo testicles!

Yes I do, but I've never had one... did you enjoy it?
Oh yeah, it's delicious! It's really good actually, it's not like an apple. It's not what you'd expect really, they kind of crush it all up and fry it so it comes like bits of fried chicken. It's very tasty. They also had crazy stuff like alligator tails, all sorts of chicken parts like chicken hearts. And I used to be really against stuff like that, but I guess if you eat meat it's better to eat all the parts of the animal meat. But if you eat at McDonald's that's probably worse.....

Can you describe the best food experience you've had on tour?
Katz's in New York was pretty amazing... that's up there. But I think the Buckhorn Exchange in Denver was the most incredible, I'd recommend that to anyone.

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Love for BE
Love for BE

Why is Midson slamming the BE?  It is a LANDMARK in Denver.  A great place to take out-of-towners.  Yeah, it isn't necessarily Elway's, but for those of us actually from Denver, it harkens back to the roots of Denver - when it was a mining driven cow town. 

Yeah, I said it, and i am PROUD of Denver's heritage.  I am glad that the culinary scene has improved the last few years, and that there are so many options.  But DON"T slam the classics because you are a snob trying to pretend this is SF and not Denver.

Also, the RM Oyster there rock.  Sliced thin, battered and deep fried.  YUM!

On another note, love,love, LOVE me some J&MC and JD.  Takes me back to my teenage days!  Based on that, and their shout out for BE, I will have to look these guys up.


Nice to know there are still some carnivorous artists in this age of namby pamby vegan tofu organic localvore nonsense. But RMOs come from cows...


Actually, I think they come from bulls.

The Buckhorn is awesome and I love how it has its own light rail stop.


You are the reason I read the comments.

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