Crema Coffee House will begin serving breakfast and lunch this month

Crema Coffee House, the eclectic cafe on Upper Larimer, is just putting the finishing touches on a new kitchen. After two-and-a-half years of providing much-needed caffeine along a somewhat desolate stretch of Larimer Street, owner Noah Price has decided to offer breakfast and lunch to his ever-growing crowd of regulars.

And he'll be getting a little help from Jonathan Power of Root Down, who will design the menu and oversee its execution.

"The menu will be simple and straight forward, with a focus on creativity." says Price -- and with Power in on the project, we don't doubt it. (And we hear more surprises are in store, too.)

Price expects the kitchen work to be completed this week, and then Crema will start dishing out actual meals in the next couple of weeks.

Watch Crema's Facebook page for updates.

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Crema Coffee House

2862 Larimer St., Denver, CO

Category: General

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This map would indicate five points:

The guy who made this map wins at trivia every week, so I'd take his word for it.

I'm excited for the Crema menu expansion, but hope it doesn't detract from their coffee, which is the best in Denver.


larimer is not in five points

Coffee Online
Coffee Online

I LOVE the look outside! I love how the window is shaped and the color red and black together!


you're right -- although what neighborhood would you call this? Not quite Rino, not quite Ballpark, not Curtis Park -- although many maps put it there.


Good question. Don't know. Even on the excellent denver infill blog he has this location barely on the edge of something he calls "Curtis Park/Five Points Sub Area A"

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