Denver's five best dessert spots

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olivea chocolate caramel salt tart.jpg
Cassandra Kotnik
Chocolate and fleur de sel caramel tart from Olivéa.
We love ending a dinner with a dessert that's just as interesting, innovative and delicious as the dishes that have come before. While many places in Denver put together a solid pastry list, there are some that absolutely demand you finish your night with a treat.

Here are Denver's five best:

cho lon donuts.jpg
Mark Manger
5. ChoLon Modern Asian Bistro
The dessert board at ChoLon is tight and well-suited to the rest of the Southeast Asian menu, playing up the tropical fruits native to the region. While we've scooped up the chocolate cake sided with peanut butter ice cream, we really love the donuts, served warm and dusted with cinnamon and sugar alongside a scoop of caramelly Vietnamese coffee ice cream.

d bar cake and shake.jpg
Kelly Kaoudis
4. D Bar Desserts
Star chef Keegan Gerhard hit a sweet spot in Denver's dining scene when he opened a spot that put the focus on dessert (though his savory menu is certainly worth sampling, too). He attracts a full house every night with his innovative list of final courses, which range from a slice of cake paired with a creamy shake, to a chocolate caramel tart to fluffy donuts, served with dipping sauces and jams.

Thumbnail image for Pizzeria Locale 24.JPG
Rob Christensen
3. Pizzeria Locale
The biggest lesson we learned the first time we dined at Pizzeria Locale: Save room for dessert. Because by the time we'd stuffed our pieholes with pizzas, salumi and salads, we were begging for mercy -- but we still couldn't stop ourselves from ordering a round of sweets. We're particularly partial to the delicate butterscotch pudding, the saltimboca -- pizza dough stuffed with nutella -- and the housemade gelati and sorbeti, desserts worth the trip to Boulder all on their own.

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Pizzeria Locale? Really? Oh wait it's in Boulder, now I get it. 


You missed the desserts at Black Cat in Boulder. The mini of all four is mindblowing. Their apple crisp was comfort food elevated to one of the most complex yet balanced desserts I've had.


"Pizzeria Locale"

Frasca!!!! Well, close enough. :P

I loves me some D-Bar desserts.


I love D Bar! But come on dear it really hard to "attract a full house every night" when the seating area is the size of a janitorial closet?

Marin Untiedt
Marin Untiedt

Après Dessert Bar in the Highlands. I'm geographically biased, but it's good stuff in reasonable portions and that's all they do, so they do it really well. Those Dutch donut things are marvelous.

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