Emporio do Brasil now Little Brazil -- and that's just the start of the changes

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Lori Midson
The former Emporio do Brasil has big plans. It's already changed its name to Little Brazil, and within the next few weeks will move from the small spot on Federal Boulevard where it's been for five years to a much larger space near Colorado Boulevard and Leetsdale.

The new Little Brazil will still include a market, but it will expand into a full-scale restaurant, turning out a menu of traditional Brazilian fare, including the excellent feijoada that earned a spot on our 100 Favorite Dishes list.

We'll dish up more details as they become available.

Location Info

Little Brazil

8020 Federal Blvd., Westminster, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Great news indeed.  I've always wanted to try this place because I love the food of Brazil.  They were definitely geographically undesirable though.  Now I could almost walk if they move to Colo. Blvd. and Leetsdale.  Right on!

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