Reader: Little Orange Rocket won't be the last truck to fizzle

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Dylan Moore is closing the door on Little Orange Rocket.
Dylan Moore put the brakes on the Little Orange Rocket yesterday, parking the food truck after a final appearance at Civic Center Eats in order to focus on his restaurants: Deluxe, Delite and Deluxe Burger.

The news did not come as a surprise to Kaz:

The food truck scene in Denver is like the dot-com boom -- fast and furious rise, but will most likely have a short lifespan. Only those who serve real food that people actually want to eat, and not because it's trendy, will survive. People in general are fickle. Once the novelty wears off, they'll move on to the next thing.

But the Little Orange Rocket faced some roadblocks unique to this operation.

Moore had partnered with the owners of Mod Livin' on the Little Orange Rocket; Deluxe Burger is tucked into a corner of the store at 5327 East Colfax Avenue, and the truck had used the Deluxe Burger kitchen as its commissary. But complaints from neighbors who didn't like the truck parking in the alley -- even though the alley is actually a private driveway that belongs to Mod Livin' -- had definitely slowed the partners' interest in keeping the truck running.

While the Little Orange Rocket is now grounded, and the truck for sale, there are still dozens of food trucks operating in Denver -- and you can follow their itineraries on Cafe Society's Truck Tracker. We're including every truck with a Twitter handle; if you know of one that should be added, send the info to or simply post it below.

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Well obviously someone's business decline is unfortunate.. but: if their burgers were better, they'd still be selling because they'd still be making money. I was disappointed with their burgers at their brick and mortar spot on Colfax... so I remembered that and did not try their food truck around town. Denver is fickle, give 'em what they want and they will return to you and be loyal. Mediocrity in this city gets you no where... and gets you closed (whether you decide that or not).

Jon S
Jon S

Too bad, since this was one of the food truck that I really liked. Original yet reasonably priced food. But I think we'll see more of the restaurant run food trucks shutting down soon as owners realize they suck up a lot of time. A restaurant-run food truck is just a really expensive seasonal marketing tool for the brick and mortar location.


Next to go will be that "crock-pot" on wheels.  Who thought that was a good idea?


Ahhhh, the thinning if the herd.

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