Lunch Matters launches in Lone Tree

Breakfast, as most of us know, is ballyhooed as the most important meal of the day, but for Abby Aronsohn, an alum of Cook Street School of Culinary Arts, lunch matters most -- and Lunch Matters just happens to be the name of her new fast-casual soup-and-sandwich cafe that recently opened in Lone Tree, at 9064 Forsstrom Drive, just south of Park Meadows Shopping Center.

"This is my rebellion against bad sandwiches -- a return to the real, fresh food that lunch can and should be," explains Aronsohn. "Knowing how many of us eat on the run or at our desks," she adds, "a Lunch Matters sandwich is made with care, well-proportioned and evenly distributed to deliver deliciousness in each bite, with little mess."

Everything, she says, in made in-house, and her menu, divided into "Classic Matters" -- traditional sandwiches heaped with classic ingredients -- and "More Matters," which Aronsohn describes as sandwiches "amped up with a gourmet twist," are sided with coleslaw, potato salad or chips.

Lunch Matters is open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. for walk-in customers and pick-up orders; Aronsohn notes, too, that delivery service is forthcoming. For more info, call 720-328-8691.

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Lunch Matters

9064 Forsstrom Drive, Littleton, CO

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Thank you Westword.  We'd like everyone to know that we now have delivery service --Things happen so quickly!  Please remember us when planning your office meetings and group lunches.

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