Masterpiece Delicatessen gets a full liquor license and expands its patio

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As if the food wasn't reason enough to head over to Masterpiece Delicatessen, you now can get a proper drink to go with your artistically crafted sandwich.

The popular three-year-old deli just got a full liquor license and is serving cocktails, beers from Oskar Blues and wine from Infinite Monkey Theorem.

"It was all the customer requests that prompted us to do it." says co-owner and chef Steve Allee. "Everyone wanted an extra reason to hang out and enjoy themselves, and the neighborhood was extremely supportive of the decision."

But if you think Masterpiece will be just another place to get your drink on, think again. "We're food geeks," adds Allee. "For us, it's about pairing food and drink, it's not about getting people lit."

And to accommodate the sure-to-be larger crowds, Masterpiece had just expanded its patio, which now seats up to thirty people. One of the best spots in town for sandwiches just got a whole lot better.

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Masterpiece Delicatessen

1575 Central St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Taylor Ham
Taylor Ham

Thank god a local neighborhood association didn't F them on the license...

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