Rock Wood-Fired Pizza & Spirits coming to Belmar

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Lori Midson
There's nothing like blaring rock music to wake you up on on Monday morning -- and that's exactly what I got when I clicked on the website of Rock Wood-Fired Pizza & Spirits, a Pacific Northwest chain with a music-theme roster of wood-fired pizzas, most of them titled after classic rock songs, that's opening at 7399 West Alaska Drive, in Belmar, this summer.

The pizza palace, the majority of which are located in Washington (there's also one in Canada -- and forty more on the horizon), also pimps salads, calzones, sandwiches, burgers, beer-battered french fries, pastas and a lunch buffet -- but its claim to fame may very well be the voluminous number of toppings and possible pizza-building combinations. Pepperoni? Check. Peppered bacon? Check. Pulled pork? Check. Hot cherry peppers. Of course. Swiss cheese. If you insist. Roasted pecans. That, too. And all the pizzas are slid into a 900-degree oven fired with almond wood.

The restaurants, all of which seat around 250 people, also carry the rock-n-roll theme throughout its restaurants, paying homage to classics like Led Zeppelin, Ozzy and George Thorogood. In addition, there's a "Rocktail" menu with microbrews and signature cocktails, including "The Bucket," a blend of five rums "served in a freakin' bucket!"

Would you like sand and a shovel with that?

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Rock Wood-Fired Pizza & Spirits

7399 W. Alaska Drive, Lakewood, CO

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Seems crazy to put it in the same shopping center where The Oven is already turning out killer wood-fired pizzas.


The Oven is a different pizza than this beast, it sounds like. Also The Oven is ridiculously overpriced.


But, they'll have Rocktails. Who could resist?


After checking out Rock's website, it definitely looks like the places will have a different vibe, despite the fact that they both pimp "wood-fired" pizzas.  A glance at their menu also indicates that the prices for Rock's 9" and 12" pies are actually a buck or two more than similar pies at The Oven.

I've always found The Oven's prices to be more or less in accordance with their quality.


After having there grub around Seattle its going to rule!  Imagine if the Hard Rock was actually cool and had amazing food too....well then it would be the Rock!

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