Now open in Boulder: Shug's Low Country Cuisine

Yesterday's post on Denver's five best plates of fried-chicken prompted a lively debate about where to get a cluck-worthy bird -- and it also unearthed this tip from Harmony:

There's a new restaurant that has just opened less than 2 months ago in Boulder: Shug's Low Country Cuisine. They now have fried chicken permanently on their dinner menu. It is a generous portion--4 pieces, accompanied with mashed potatoes and also the choice of another side dish, for $12. I had the voodoo greens as a side dish. It was excellent and a real bargain.

That restaurant, which picked up the former B.Side spot, is, indeed, open, confirms a manager, who also says that the place is in soft opening mode until the grand opening celebration sometime between August 18 and August 20.

Low Country, adds the manager, refers to the area that encompasses Eastern Texas, Georgia, Alabama, the Carolinas, the Gulf Coast and Maryland. Shug's serves comfort food from those states.

Including fried chicken.

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Shug's Low Country Cuisine - CLOSED

2017 13th St., Boulder, CO

Category: Restaurant

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I love this place. I'm from Florida and it was like a return for some home-cooking. The owner is so nice, and the food is delicious. But my favorite part is...the beer! I can't find Dixie Lager anywhere and it's so incredibly good. I have a thousand reasons to go back there and to bring a new friend each time. Everyone should know about this place.


the post did not mention Lowcountry cooking has strong parallels with New Orleans and Cajun cuisines which are also represented in the offerings at Shug's 


I don't think I've ever heard Lowcountry in reference to any other geographical area than coastal South Carolina. The food from that region is very distinct from other food from the Atlantic seaboard or the Gulf coast. Not that it really matters, as long as the food is good. I just don't think of things like fried chicken or oyster po' boys as specifically Lowcountry.


I can confirm that the fried chicken at Shug's is something special.  I wasn't impressed with their ribs, but the fried chicken and the oyster po'boy are worth returning for.  The voodoo greens are good too, much better than the collards (which were a little undercooked for my taste).  And the owner is a super nice guy.  

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