Reader: No surprise that fast-casual concept Soul Daddy was a fast casualty

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The news that Soul Daddy, the winner of America's Next Great Restaurant, had closed its last outpost -- despite Chipotle's Steve Ells serving as one of the show's judges -- didn't surprise readers.

Says aceranchero:

I watched the series finale, when they announced the winner I turned to my wife and said "DOA."

Adds Dan:

They screwed him over royally. They watered down his concept, then didn't support the restaurants at all. The outcome of this show left a real bad taste in my mouth, and made the judges -- not the contestants -- look bad.

Finally, there's this from 5280man:

Shows you how much that douchebag team of fast-casual gurus know about what real people want. They denied one of the contestants because they just didn't think Americans were ready for fast casual Indian food. I googled 'Fast Casual Indian Food' and came up with no less than 10 operating restaurants.

That show was a joke. A guy hawking his "spicy balls" almost won...

Were you surprised that this fast-casual concept was a fast casualty? Or that the show itself looks like it was a ratings casualty?

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Bedford Crenshaw
Bedford Crenshaw

Hey Gatorsep, I was one of those 100 winners, and yep I haven't receive done of those certificates.  BTW, it was not "Spicy Balls", it was "Saucy Balls", but he renamed it to "Brooklyn Meatball Company".  I think the grilled cheese guy (Meltworks) will do OK' I think he is planning to announce his first location on Augist 1st, probably in Cincinnati.


NBC  had a contest, giving away certificattes to 100 winners, they have not even mailed them out yet to the winners, what a scam...


When is the last time you heard somebody lament about the lack of 'healthy' soul food options?  That's right, never, which is largely why Soul Daddy tanked.  Bottom line is either the guy hawking grilled cheese or the guy hawking Indian fare should have won.  Grilled cheese guy lost because he didn't take Bobby Flay's advice on dipping sauce and the Indian guy lost becasue, frankly, he had a man crush on Steve Ells and was trying too hard to be Chipotle v2.0.

Bianca Serrano
Bianca Serrano

I agree with the statement that they took the "SOUL" out of Soul Daddy when they tried to make the food "healthier". 

Additionally, the Los Angeles location was 5 minutes away from Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles http://www.roscoeschickenandwa...  where the menu has not been compromised to accommodate "healthy" (translation not flavorful/soulful) items.

Wayne 2011
Wayne 2011

i thought he swore that if he didn't win, he would move to Denver and open up there.

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