Reader: What's next? An IKEA food truck?

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First Applebee's rolled out a food truck. Then the Gap introduced its own food truck, which will be rolling through several towns (although not Denver) as part of a "tacos and denim" campaign.

Asks Owen:

Where's the Ikea truck?!

Yum -- mobile meatballs!

Here's Jay's take on corporations crashing this trend:

What pisses me off the most is how the corporations disguise their trucks as cute, charming, independently owned business ventures. Why don't they have the balls to use Gap or Applebee's branding?

We've asked it before, and we'll ask it again: Does this development indicate that the food-truck trend has hit a dead-end?

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It could be on the way out here in Denver because we still treat it like a "trend".

In cities like Austin or Portland where mobile food has been ingrained into the dining scene?  Probably not.

Espresso is still a big deal even though McDonald's introduced their own "McCafe" beverages, right?


Ooohhhhhh, "evil" corporations!! Like none of the "independent" businesses aren't also corporations (unless the owner is a dumbass). Anyway, IKEA food trucks sounds fantastic!

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