Reader: Only a commie would criticize the food at a fair

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Charles Phoenix celebrated retro recipes at the Denver County Fair.
The Denver County Fair may have celebrated some of this city's most innovative entrepreneurs -- but the vendors selling food there didn't rank among them.

Jenny An's criticism of the eating opportunities at this inaugural fair got her labeled a "commie" by AllAmericanVet:

What kind of comi writes a bad food review on an all American, good ole' fashion fair!?!

but TheMan had An's back:

I was at the Fair today and this review is right on. I was expecting some decent food options in addition to the standard carnival fare. Wrong! The whole thing was actually pretty disappointing.

But while the Denver County Fair may have been short on snacks, it was long on big ideas -- and ideas are already pouring out for next year's incarnation. Allen, for example, offers this:

This is not a trad county fair. it's all about geeks, and denver's food geeks are ahead of all the other geeks here, imo. local yummy needs to be part of the fair. next year, right? otherwise, this is a brilliant event. hope it becomes another proud denver tradition!

Much of our Denver County Fair coverage has been on the Show and Tell blog; read it all -- including an interview with Charles Phoenix -- here. And in the comments section below, tell us what food -- beyond funnel cakes -- you'd like to see at next year's Denver County Fair.

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Thanks for the feedback! Believe me we invited all the foodies to our event - food trucks, vendors, chefs, they were actually some of the first people we engaged to participate. They wanted to see how it went.... so don't blame us, talk to your local foodie and help us get them to the fair! Feel free to send them my way! Thanks! 


I had the best hot dog in my life at the fair! My wife seemed very pleased with her greek salad too. My brother had the Turkey leg, which I thought was a little over priced, but it tasted delicious! 


I hear they invited several of the Denver Food Geeks, Trucks & Locals - but they wimped out...They'd be crazy not to be a part of the Denver County Fair next year. This event rocked, nothing like it in the nation!

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