Denver's five best Indian restaurants

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Lori Midson
Lamb vindaloo from Cuisine of the Himalayas.
We're equal opportunity in our love for Indian food, favoring specialties from both the north and the south, and marveling at the way chefs from all over the country blend spices into complexly layered stews. And here in Denver, we're always on the hunt for spots that stand out from the masses and offer us something special.

Unfortunately, Mirch Indian Grill, our Best Indian Restaurant in Best of Denver 2011, bit the dust shortly after the issue came out. But here are Denver's five best Indian restaurants that are still standing.

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5. India's Castle
The billowing tapestries and paper lanterns set the stage at India's Castle for one of the best northern Indian feasts in the city. The menu features excellent versions of familiar items, including spice-laced vindaloos, masalas and curries; flaky samosas stuffed with potatoes and vegetables; and meats from the tandoor oven, imbued with smokiness and char.

Lori Midson
4. Cuisine of the Himalayas
This Evergreen restaurant serves up a combination of Indian, Nepalese and Tibetan food, offering up curries, masalas, samosas and kormas that are all worth the drive up the hill. But the dish that brings us back over and over again? The lamb vindaloo, a graceful balance of tartness and heat -- and one of the only renditions in town that really gets it right.

Lori Midson

3. India's Restaurant
There's not much on the menu at India's that's particularly unfamiliar, but the place does the staples -- like tikka masala, saag paneer and vindaloo -- very, very well. It also has a lunchtime buffet that blows most lunchtime buffets out of the water, and you can sample as many of the Punjabi specialties as you can handle without worrying that you're getting a dumbed-down, mediocre version just because it's sitting on an all-you-can-eat line.

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katya lector
katya lector

I so love them. And it looks so delicious. I just drool just by looking at the picture. I am an avid customer of Indian restaurant Sandbach It has been newly decorated, giving a light and refreshing feel. With a palm tree and integrated wall water features to help set the mood.And I love eating there.


You missed the best one in town; Jewel of India at 104th and Federal.  Yak and Yeti darn good too!


I like India's Pearl on Old South Pearl for the most delicious food.

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