John Wayne, the Broncos and pork chops: Westerkamps in photos

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Mark Manger
When I first stepped through the doors of the covered wagon-adorned building that houses Westerkamps Steakhouse and Meat Market, which I review in this week's Westword, I thought I was on the way to a quiet breakfast special of pork chops and eggs. What I found, though, was a kitschy dining room, where everything from sports paraphernalia to multiple photos of John Wayne to proclamations of love for the Lord had a place on the walls. And in the midst of all of that, I had some great meals -- and some downright heavenly green chile.

Here's a side of photos to go with the review. To see more of Westerkamps, check out our slide show: Thank Heaven for Westerkamps.

Mark Manger
Shrines to the Broncos meet old-fashioned sports gear, like these skis. See more photos of Westerkamps.

Mark Manger
A half dozen photos of John Wayne cover one wall. See more photos of Westerkamps.

Mark Manger
The Westerkamps $3.49 pork chops and eggs breakfast special. See more photos of Westerkamps.

Mark Manger
The Mexican hamburger, coated in Westerkamps heavenly green chile. See more photos of Westerkamps.

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Westerkamps Steakhouse and Meat Market

5106 Washington St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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