Mona's Restaurant on South Broadway closes

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After garnering a legion of fans at the original Mona's Restaurant on 15th Street, which features a pair of high-heeled legs dangling above the door, Linda and Garen Austin opened a second location on South Broadway, followed by a third Mona's Cafe on 17th Avenue and Sherman Street, which began feeding the masses last year.

But now, the trio is back down to two: Last week, the Austins shuttered the South Broadway Mona's Restaurant, which opened in 2007.

"That location was sold," an employee of the 15th Street Mona's says of the corner spot that recently made some modifications to its liquor license. "It won't reopen as a Mona's. It'll be another restaurant."

We've heard rumors that the buyer already owns a restaurant not too far from Mona's. Once we know for sure, we'll give you an update.

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Mona's - CLOSED

141 S. Broadway, Denver, CO

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No great loss.  Really in no way special.  Many better options in Baker.

Jon S
Jon S

Unfortunate, but even when I lived in Baker I hardly ever went there. The food was decent, but the first time I went, they charged $3.00 for 2 slices of bacon on the side. And my wife ordered toast on the side of her breakfast (not included, of course). They cut the toast weird, and she got 2 slices of toast that were only 1/3rd of a piece of bread, for like a $1.50. Everything felt like they were nickel and diming you to death. I could go down Broadway and get a far superior brunch at Beatrice & Woodsley for the same price, or pay less and get a great breakfast burrito at Senor Burrito's.

I'm very interested to hear who will be picking up the building, though, since it's a great restaurant space.


Hate to see them go, but I'm not surprised.  Honestly their food was pretty boring and overpriced.  When their competition is things like Snooze, Racine's, Lucielle's, etc. the only thing they really had going for them was the lack of a line on Sunday mornings.


Do tell.

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