Ondo's Spanish Tapas Bar rolls out a traditional Basque happy hour

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Ondo's Spanish Tapas Bar
Ondo's unveils a traditional Basque pintxos happy hour.
When Curt and Deicy Steinbecker opened Ondo's Spanish Tapas Bar in late 2009, they wanted to give Denver a true Spanish experience, channeling the country where they'd met and learned to cook. And in that spirit, they're importing another of their favorite Iberian traditions: the Basque pintxos happy hour.

"Any place you walk into over there, they have pintxos tapas right on the bar," explains Curt. "You do it on the honor system and start sliding things onto your plate. It seems to work, so we're gonna try it here."

Which means that during happy hour, the couple will put out a spread of toothpicked Basque tapas and invite patrons to take what they want. When they've had their fill, the restaurant will count the toothpicks and charge $2 per stick.

The Steinbeckers have put together a run of staples for the daily occasion, including smoked salmon with shallots and chives; goat cheese with strawberry rhubarb jam; lump crab and ham with avocado mash; imported cured chorizo; and, of course, Spanish tortilla. They'll also rotate in some specials in order to serve about ten to twelve snacks per day. And they'll supplement the food with drink deals: $2 Heineken drafts, $4 sangria, $5 house rose, red or white wine, and $3 premium well drinks.

Our favorite part about these deals? Much like at our favorite places in Spain, you'll be able to get full and tipsy pretty cheaply.

The new happy hour, which kicks off today, runs from 4 to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Ondo's will no longer be open for lunch.

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Ondo's Spanish Tapas Bar - CLOSED

250 Steele St., Denver, CO

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Baltimore Nightlife
Baltimore Nightlife

Pretty cheap prices for delicious foods, No wonder people like Ondo's. They should have an "eat-all-you-can" so I would go there everyday. 

Baltimore Nightlife
Baltimore Nightlife

Personally I like the atmosphere  and simplicity of Ondo's Spanish Tapas Bar, the food was excellent. It's just that the location is far from ideal.


Confused.Tapas are not a Basque tradition/invention.They are from southern Spain.


That's probably why it states "the Basque pintxos happy hour" in the body of the article. Most of us are clever enough to discern that pintxos and tapas are fairly analagous in the Spanish restaurant world: little bites to soak up the booze.

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