Reader: It's no secret that Cafe Society photos usually suck

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Lori Midson
Yesterday Lori Midson started spilling some of the secret, off-the-menu items offered at local restaurants, starting with one at D Bar Desserts. But it was the photo accompanying the post that snagged the comment that warmed her heart.

It's no secret that Cafe Society photos have come in for criticism, some of it even deserved. So it was particularly sweet when Dtown offered this remark about the above pic:

Secret or no secret. That is the best food picture that has ever appeared on this blog.

Not as easily distracted by a pretty plate, Kimberly returned to the point of the post:

I never understood the purpose of keeping menu items a 'secret' from customers. Is it supposed to make us somehow feel more worthy or special if we know the secret handshake or something?

Are you offended by secret menu items? Do you know of any around town? Add your comments to the discussion already started here, or post them below.

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Won't someone please please please get Veggie Girl a better camera!

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