Reader: Rockbar is a great dive...but burgers and Broncos could put an end to that

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Jesse Morreale's plans to emphasize burgers and the Broncos at Rockbar, with longtime Borolo Grill chef Brian Laird in that huge hotel kitchen behind and below the dive bar, got a major grilling from readers.

Wrote ByeByeBirdie:

I met my wife at Rockbar. It was a blind date, so to be clear, it wasn't a "I met my wife at Rockbar" moment....We both ordered the corn dogs. We'll tell our newborn son about it.

But if you change this place to the second coming of a shithole like "Brooklyn's" or "Jackson's Sports Hole", the story will change to "we met at a dive bar on Colfax", not "we met at Rockbar".

If you change your minds, good on ya. If not, fuck you, you soulless bastards. The Human Beings will go somewhere else. We'll find each other without you.

Comments like that prompted this from Tim:

I love the smell of crushed "mid twenty profesionals" in the morning. I think maybe mommy coodled you brats too much that you feel the need to whine if you can't dance, dance, dance your ever so stressful problems away to the music that she got knocked up to in the first place. Go back to polishing your participation trophies and thinking you're the next CEO of your Groupon sales unit and let Jesse do what he sees fit with his unused kitchen.

Will Morreale's plans ruin a great dive bar? Or simply make it better? Post a comment below, or join the Rockbar conversation already going here.

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DannyDanDan, former customer
DannyDanDan, former customer

Changing Rockbar, even during the day, into a sports bar is the moral equivalent of sending your perfect SAT scoring beauty queen daughter to clown college even though she had a full-ride to Harvard.

Don't ruin the perfect vibe that allows for the perfect meshing of office yuppies and service-industry hipsters. Most business owners would kill for a place that gets Rockbar's draw without having to upgrade (read: capital expenditures) anything. The nastiness, the dive-iness CREATES the vibe.

Let the Burger eating Broncos fans go to Ruby Tuesdays.

~Devastated in Denver


TravieTamTam here.  You can find my first comment about the new re-invention of Rockbar here:  

It's Saturday night and you and your friends are all standing around in your kitchen doing nothing other than drinking, and maybe dancing on elevated surfaces.  One of your friends asks the other; "Where should we go tonight?".  This question was posed because, well lets face it, we all learned one thing from college and that is how to party, and party well.  Someone overhears this question and responds; "Lets do a Colfax crawl".  Not a bad idea.  There are many places along Colfax that are "good" to stop off at and have a drink or two, but ultimately you know that your final libation destination is going to be at good ole Rockbar!  That's if you have a single party bone in your body... 

So you set out with your friends, which consist of many of Denver's attractive women, which is rare since we all know the real name of this city is "Menver".  Nonetheless, on your route to Rockbar these girls are getting loosened up, their tension from the work week is draining and they are letting go.  You arrive at Rockbar and cross the threshold leaving reality behind and you enter a world of "I can pretty much do whatever the hell I want to, and end up with my pants off on the dance floor to a thunderous applause" sort of place.  You grab your buds and your girls and you take your place upon the tiny elevated dance stage next to the horrendous mirror covered walls.  You dance and dance, while once coy ladies shed their apprehensiveness and rip your shirt from your body.  You are now crushed against a mirror dancing and embracing each others sweat / beer covered bodies.  You look around and all you can see is your two buds hoisting a lad of yours into the air to get ready to crowd surf.  They over do it and his head pushes through the ratty acoustic ceiling tiles and he falls to the floor.  He arises from his crash to a one knee chug, all whilst dancing two more friends pour their PBR's onto his face.  You let the lights blind you as you dance and slip off into another world, that resembles a semi safe acid trip...  Life is tasty.

But wait...  What is this?  Rockbar is now a piece of junk, craptastical, burger joint for overweight born again virgin, (not by choice) sports fans who want to fill their fat asses with meat and slap hands while wearing their over sized jerseys on their over sized asses. 

 I guess I could get into that....  Sounds way better than the above....  You do the math..

Figure it out Rockbar owner; you dick of a man!  Let the party ensue, you fool!


Who cares what Rockbar does during the day? Has anyone ever been there before 11PM?

What do you think is going to happen? "At 4PM Joe the Plumber and his boys from Arvada, decked out in Broncos gear, pile into a Chevy Silverado and drive to Rockbar to watch football. After burgers and numerous Coors Lights, it's now 11PM and a plethora of millennial hipsters show up for dancing. The boys from Arvada steal all the hipster women from the millennial men by wooing them with their fantasy football statistics and stories of heroism during a Northglenn High School football game 15 years ago."   


Memo from the Society for the Abolishment of Euphemisms: "party" is not a verb; it's a noun. "Drink", however, works well as both a noun and a verb. "Get drunk" works even better. Please substitute all used of "party" as a verb with "get drunk" and you will turn out just fine. That way, when you are too old, destitute, or pathetic to party, you can still get drunk.


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