Restaurant roll call for July

Hot dog joints are on a roll in Denver, with Uber Sausage joining a scene that also welcomed the largest IKEA restaurant in the country. But Denver also said farewell to Bistro Felix and Organixx, as well as some of the earliest food trucks.

Here's our Restaurant roll call for July:


Belvedere Restaurant, 323 14th Street
Cafe Berlin, 1600 Champa Street, Unit 230
Chloe Mezze Lounge, 1445 Market Street
Danny Cash Hot Shop, 3378 South Broadway, Englewood
Georgia Boys BBQ, 237 Collyer Street, Longmont
Ice Cream Parlor at the Bookery Nook, 4280 Tennyson Street
IKEA Restaurant & Cafe, 9800 East Ikea Way, Centennial
Lunch Matters, 9064 Forsstrom Drive, Unit B-15, Littleton
Marczyk Fine Foods, 5100 East Colfax Avenue
Mike's Tavern, 2301 South Broadway
Peacock Restaurant & Bar, 7401 East Colfax Avenue
Purple Ginger II, 7340 South Clinton Street, Englewood
Shug's Low Country Cuisine, 2017 13th Street, Boulder
Uber Sausage, 2730 East Colfax Avenue
Wash Park Sports Alley, 266 South Downing Street


Comfort Cafe, 3945 Tennyson Street, closed for break
Dancing Noodle Thai Cuisine, 10841 South Crossroads Drive #10, Parker, closed for a summer break

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Shashi K
Shashi K

You missed  a closing:  Bombay Bowl on Arapahoe Rd (the original location).   The signs have been down for a while, and I called the new location (6th and Lincoln) and verified that that is indeed their only location now.  

Shashi K
Shashi K

TIP for a Cafe Society story:  I am VERY curious to know the story as to why all Denver Metro area "Paradise Bakery" locations are now called "Woody Creek Cafe" and yet still have the same menu, etc.  This change happened over the past 3-4 weeks at all locations.  I am inclined to think that this would be frowned upon by the Paradise Bakery corporate folks, and am curious as to why this happened and whether they have permission from Paradise to keep the exact same menu??

Mo Smith
Mo Smith

From the Magic of Google, I found this:  "A few years ago Panera acquired Paradise Bakery & Café. As time has gone on they have slowly converted the corporate stores to the Panera menu. Their plan was to do the same with the franchise stores such as ours here in the metro Denver area. We were given the option of converting our menu or keeping our current menu and fresh baked bakery goods and changing our name. That is what we have chosen to do. We are now called Woody Creek Bakery & Café."

Shashi K
Shashi K

Thanks for the info!  I am sure there will be others who wonder what has happened, and I didn't find anything on any news site.

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