Snarf's closes a Boulder location

Snarf's, the chain of sandwich shops that got its start in Boulder and is now taking a bite out of Denver, closed its location at 1310 College Avenue in Boulder last month.

According to employees at the original location on Pearl Street, this Boulder outpost couldn't draw enough customers to stay afloat.

Snarf's is known as much for its legitimate sandwiches as it is for its laid-back, somewhat stoner vibe -- which was particularly apparent at the now-closed location.

According to the chain's website, Snarf's plans to move the closed store to another location. In the meantime, the other two Boulder locations are still slinging subs.

So is Snarf's in the Spire, which Laura Shunk reviews here.

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1310 College Ave., Boulder, CO

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What ever happened to Snarf's supposed plan to renovate the ex-chinese restaurant cum hair-salon at 38th & Yates?  There has been no activity at the site in nearly a year.

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