Chile today, hot tamale: I brake for Tamales Moreno

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Mark Manger
As I've eaten my way through restaurants, taquerias and parking lots where ladies open their coolers, I've been frequently burned in my search for the perfect corn-husk package.

The sheer number of tamales vying for attention in this town, and as I attempted to maneuver my way through the good ones to find the great, I eventually made a stop at Tamales Moreno, a place I very likely would have skipped altogether had I not known what I was looking for.

There, though, along with a menu of burrritos, tacos and green chile, I found tamales stuffed with pork and chicken, green chile and red chile, and sold by the half dozen and dozen.

Find out how they were -- and why this place is frequently overlooked -- tomorrow, when the review is posted here.

Location Info

Tamales Moreno

5301 W. Mississippi Ave., Lakewood, CO

Category: Restaurant

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