Sign of the times: Vaginal discharge, cum buckets and mustache rides

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Sean Kenyon
Would you like a mustache ride with your vaginal discharge?
In the same city that welcomes visitors with "Focus on the Family" signage, there resides a bar called Copperhead Road, a self-described "honkey-tonk saloon" that promises "the best live music, and the wildest late night parties" in the Springs. But as Euclid Hall/Squeaky Bean star-tender Sean Kenyon found out this weekend, while getting down and dirty in conservative country, the watering hole guarantees a lot more than that: It also pimps, as you can see from the neon marquee above, $3 shots armed and loaded with vaginal discharge, cum and mustache rides.

May God have mercy.

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Most likely a liberal influx, like the gay and lesbo fund signs near the FotF exit.

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