City banks on Denver Mint for its travel bash

Mark Manger
Marnie Ward mixes up the Tree Line, winner of the Colorado Cocktail contest.
The Global Business Travel Association is in town, and the city threw a big welcoming party for the travel planners Sunday at the Denver Performing Arts Complex, where they were served a drink that could have been a contender in the Colorado Cocktail Project -- which Marnie Ward won with her Tree Line creation -- but wasn't even entered.

Instead, Centerplate Catering came up with a Denver Mint cocktail, one of several drinks with the Denver Mint name but different recipes. At least this one contained a homegrown spirit; here's how to mix it:

Denver Mint, the building
Denver Mint, the drink

1 oz. Leopold Colorado Whiskey
Simple syrup
Fresh mint
Soda water
Crushed Ice

In a tall glass, add a sprig of fresh mint, a small amount of ice, muddle till mint is lightly bruised. Add simple syrup to taste (approx. 1-2 tbps) , add 1 1/2 oz Colorado Whiskey, fill glass with crushed ice, fill rest of glass with soda water. Stir and garnish with fresh mint sprig. This cocktail is sweet and refreshing!

But we're willing to bet the Denver Mint isn't as sweet and refreshing as the Tree Line, which Marnie Ward mixes up at Avenue Grill. Read all about her winning drink here.

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The Spec for the recipe lists 1 oz of Leopold Colorado Whisky, but the copy mentions 1.5 oz of whiskey.  As well doesn't Stranahan's own the trademark "Colorado Whiskey?" The Leopold Bros refer to their whiskey as American Small Batch.  I'm confused


This drink is.just a mint juleo with soda. No creativity there... Marnie's drink would have blown it away...


this was the recipe they provided. we'll check that out.

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