Ale House at Amato's could be a beery, beery good place to visit

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Mark Manger
Our cup is really overflowing with beery events this week, as local brewpubs and restaurants tap interesting kegs, hold meet-and-greets with brewers, and pair beers with food -- jumping on the sudsy coattails of Denver Beer Fest and the Great American Beer Festival.

But craft beer is popular in this town throughout the year. And if you want to see where the future of beer could be headed, get over to Ale House at Amato's, a six-month-old watering hole on the edge of Highland, with stunning views of the Denver skyline.

The place has been packed since Breckenridge Brewery opened it this spring, soon after Breckenridge entered into a partnership with the Wynkoop family of restaurants. But the forty-plus taps here pour not just brews from Breckenridge and the Wynkoop, but also beers from across the Front Range and beyond.

That beer list is paired with a board of pub food. Does it live up to the view? Find out when my review of Ale House at Amato's is posted here tomorrow.

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Ale House at Amato's

2501 16th St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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