Avery Brewing will bottle Rumpkin Imperial Ale, its cult-favorite seasonal pumpkin beer

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Kids wait for candy around Halloween. Adults -- at least the big-beer-loving kind -- well, they wait for Rumpkin, Avery Brewing's tricky barrel-aged treat. And this year, they'll be able to fill their spooky buckets and pillowcases with bottles.

For the first time, Boulder-based Avery is bottling its high-octane seasonal and releasing it sometime in mid-October, although an exact date hasn't been determined.

"We'll put out 500 cases in individual twelve-ounce bottles of Rumpkin," says Avery spokesman Joe Osborne. Aged in Gosling Rum barrels, the imperial pumpkin ale typically has about five spices added to it. "We're doing it in part because of its popularity, but also because it just came out so well this year."

It also weighs in at close to 16 percent ABV, up from the 13-plus alcohol content that it contained last year -- so don't let it knock you out of your gourd.

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Dave Butler
Dave Butler

Can't imagine this brew at 16% ABV - this is going to be a monster. Wonder how well this beer would age further?  Going to definitely have to seek this beer out.

Alex Karklins
Alex Karklins

I tried this last year at the tap room and it was outstanding! I'm glad they're bottling it this time around.


yes, I think this one is going to disappear quickly from the store shelves.

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