Azitra, a new Indian restaurant, now serving in Broomfield

If you're looking for something that diverges from the typical suburban chains, culinary options are somewhat sparse in Broomfield.

But Azitra, which opened at Flatiron Crossing earlier this month, represents an alternative.

The spot is the second outpost of a restaurant concept that made its debut in Raleigh, North Carolina, in 1992. "We're trying to do something a little bit different than what everyone else has been doing," explains Basanta Lamsal, the Broomfield Azitra's manager. So the menu offers the basics -- such as tikka masala and vindaloo -- as well as some more unique items, including daily chaat specials and goat curry. The board spans the entire continent, too, with specialties from both southern and northern Indian cuisines.

There's a full bar as well as a substantial wine list -- but unlike many other Indian restaurants in town, no buffet. Instead, the restaurant is offering what Lamsal calls "lunch express," a list of dishes that are quick and cheap. And that alone has been enough to bring in crowd for the midday meal, he says.

So why Broomfield for this first offshoot? "We heard a lot of good things about Colorado," Lamsal says. "We were looking at some different cities, but we came here and we liked it."

Here's a taste of what you can expect inside:

azitra interior.jpg
Lori Midson

azitra roti.jpg
Lori Midson

azitra mussels.jpg
Lori Midson

azitra chicken.jpg
Lori Midson

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535 Zang St., Broomfield, CO

Category: Restaurant

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David Stewart
David Stewart

This place is really good. Worth a drive as it is a cut above other Indian restaurants. Definitely go there if you like good Indian food and you are shopping at Flatirons Crossing. You will not regret it.

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