Reader: Does a tap room have to be in Denver to be one of Denver's best tap rooms?

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The gang's all beer at Denver Beer Co.
Denver is awash in beer -- and in opinions about beer, about Jonathan Shikes's suggestion of five ways to freshen up the Great American Beer Festival, and about Laura Shunk's list of the area's five best tap rooms.

No Liquids and Solids? No Amato's Ale House? And what's Denver Beer Co. doing on this list after just six weeks in business?

Responds M.J. Beerline:

Denver Beer Company has a great location and ambiance--especially the converted garage theme with the air compressors hanging from the ceiling. Only their beer needs a bit more trial and error to get the taste just right. I'd put Avery as #1 because of the quality they offer at their taproom.

And in the discussion of tap rooms, Foodstuffs revived the debate about what, exactly, constitutes an establishment in Denver:

I do love how we'll get pedantic about "tap room" but it's all good that "Denver" now not only includes close in suburbs, but also Boulder now.

Here at Cafe Society, we're always willing to drive thirty minutes for a good beer -- whether it's at Avery in Boulder or at Dry Dock in Aurora. Where would you draw the geographic line?

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Denver Beer Co.

1695 Platte St., Denver, CO

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