Fact Czech: The gang's all beer at Sobo 151

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After a summer of travels, Laura Shunk revealed the five restaurant concepts she'd love to see in Denver, ranging from a Burmese restaurant to a Czech restaurant and beer hall.

Which had commenters wondering: What about Sobo 151?

Mantonat had the answer for that query:

Go to Prague and when you get back, you can tell us how much different the beer halls there are from Sobo. Sure, it's a fine bar, but it's a sports bar that serves some Czech food. Saying "just add some long tables" is a little like saying "just add some bleachers" to your back yard to make it into a sports stadium. Places like U Fleku in Prague are not just bars with long tables. Many beer halls feature their own beers and have a complete food program, not just bar food with a few ethnic specialties. You are only proving Laura's point (that Denver dining could use a few upgrades) by insisting that we have something here that we obviously don't.

For more on Czech cooking in Colorado, read Juliet Wittman's review of Golden Europe -- complete with her memories of plum dumplings.

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Sobo 151 Bar & Grill

151 S. Broadway, Denver, CO

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Jon S
Jon S

Mantonat has either never to been to Central Europe or never been to Sobo 151 (I've spent plenty of time in both). Beer hall = Beer, Schnitzel, dumplings, sausages and long tables.

I actually checked out U Fleku's menu. It contains sausages, goulash, roast pork and duck and dumplings. I'm certain Mantonat has never been to Sobo 151 if he thinks it is just "ethnic bar food" because it's menu contains exactly those same types of items. Only difference: long tables.


You are once again proving Laura's original point - that Denver could use a little more diversity.  You are focusing on the food and the size of the tables. Despite your insistence that table size is the only difference, here are a few other differences between a beer hall and a Czech restaurant/sports bar:1. Square footage. Sobo is small and intimate. A great place to gather with a few friends to cheer for the Avs and enjoy food and drink. Most beer halls are massive, have several spaces for different types of events, and are better for boisterous social gatherings that promote a community feeling.2. Beer. Sobo has a few good selections of Czech beer and a few American and other European beers. The typical Czech beer hall generally promotes the beer of a specific brewer, so the choices may be more limited, but the beer is generally very fresh and often served unfiltered.3. Atmosphere. Sobo has the atmosphere of a typical American sports bar & grill. A friendly one with good food, but still. Beer halls have a completely different atmosphere, often with singing, traditional outfits, the celebration of beer, the complete immersion into traditional culture.

British pubs are different than American bars despite the fact that the only difference is the temperature of the beer. French cafes are different than American coffeehouses despite the fact that the only difference is the attitude of the guy behind the counter. Czech beer halls are different than an American Czech bar and grill. But please go on insisting that they aren't - you'll just be pleasantly surprised if you ever set foot in a true Czech beer hall.

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