Brad Arguello, exec chef of the Über Sausage, on the hotness of Ashton Kutcher and the merits of mustard

Lori Midson
This is part one of my interview with Brad Arguello, exec chef of the Über Sausage. Part two of my chat with Arguello will run in this space tomorrow.

Brad Arguello
The Über Sausage
2730 East Colfax Avenue

"My nickname in college was 'baby bird,'" confesses Brad Arguello. "Apparently, I'd nest in my bed, with my hands splayed across my chest, and I'd wake up hung over, so my friends would put food next to my bed and I'd pick at it," he says, glancing up from the burger he's picking at. The burger -- delivered by one of the kitchen guys at Encore, which squats just down the street from the Über Sausage, the wiener restaurant that Arguello opened in July on East Colfax -- is heaped with caramelized onions, and Arguello is contemplating their presence, much like he ponders how he arrived in the restaurant business.

It all started, he muses, with his dad, one of the original owners of Mataam Fez, a Moroccan restaurant, also on East Colfax. "I used to hang out there all the time when I was growing up, and during the summers, when I was old enough, I'd bus tables and help out wherever he needed me," recounts Arguello. "I got the bug early on, and I was so determined to someday open my own restaurant that, when I was really young, I started a scrapbook of restaurant designs and concepts."

When he got older, Arguello spent several years bartending and rolling sushi in various restaurants and bars in Denver, Boston, Los Angeles and San Diego, feeding his restaurant addiction. "I love everything about restaurants," he says, "from the music and design to the color schemes and bathrooms, and I'm obsessed with all the details that go into building and running a restaurant."

He learned a few tricks of the trade while doing time at the Geisha House in Los Angeles, which just happens to be funded, in part, by Ashton Kutcher. "He paraded around a lot looking hot," jokes Arguello, who admits that he was far more intrigued by the sushi chef than the Hollywood celebrity. "I was bartending, but I started hanging out in the kitchen and with the kitchen staff, and by the time I left, I was rolling a lot of sushi."

But Arguello soon burned out on L.A., so he left the fast lane for San Diego, where he got a gig working at a Polynesian restaurant, first as a bartender, then as a line cook. "I learned how to filet fish, correctly cook sushi rice, which is an art, and work the wok -- I'm sick on the wok," brags Arguello, who also continued to finesse the art of rolling sushi. "I became pretty good at rolling sushi -- not joints, which I also learned how to do in the restaurant industry."

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Uber Sausage

2730 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

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Ryan Cook
Ryan Cook

Uber Sausage is the best!!!!


Dude looks like he is about 16, but seems like he has a pretty firm grip on life..and makes damn good sausage as well.I bet that sushi concept could take off if its planned right..Brilliant idea

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