City, O' City owner: Despite the ugly talk, I tried to build something beautiful

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City, O' City's new kitchen is open -- as is owner Dan Landes.
The expanded City, O' City has been open less than a week, but people have no shortage of opinions on the new, improved space -- even if they have yet to see that space in person, and have only read about it here.

The comments -- both pro and con -- have been so impassioned that owner Dan Landes weighed in with this:

Thank you all for the heartfelt comments. I rarely reply to online comments, but for some reason on 9/11 I felt a compulsion to communicate.

With the love and support of an amazing team, comprised of hundreds of human beings: drywallers, artists, carpenters, painters, electricians, plumbers, farmers, dishwashers, cooks, chefs, city inspectors, bankers, friends, family, food reps, hosts, waitstaff, managers (big ups to Sarah, Brendon, Danno, Meghan, Kurt, Judy) and many, many others, I did my best to build something beautiful. I understand if you don't also find it beautiful. Thank you for your past support, it means a lot to me, and I hope in the future you will support us again. It is my ultimate goal to continue to run a business in Denver that supports so many people. Thank you all!

Classy response from a guy with whom we'd be happy to share a community table. How about you?

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City, O' City

206 E. 13th Ave., Denver, CO

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Meh. I get Dan's desire to respond given that this is his baby. However after having read the comment thread I really don't get the editors desire to resurrect it. Most if not all of the criticisms which were addressed were based on your slide show and vague description of the menu change and not written by anyone having stepped foot in the joint or even perused the new menu in detail .You guys will go for an encore on anything that draws more than 3 comments regardless of how off base or pointless the discussion.

Having actually been to City O' City twice since the remodel I can say definitively that the place is still lousy with hipsters, the food is still delicious, and the service has improved markedly over my past experiences. As to the decor, the I think the old section still looks pretty much the same and the new section is very nice if not a tad 'space conscious,' but the alternative would be longer wait times and likely higher menu prices given what I'm guessing is pretty pricey rent per sq/ft at that locale.

And I'm guessing from the crazy volume they were doing both times I dropped in that Mr. Landes is not losing any sleep over whether his revisions are going to be a hit or not.


dear bizzygeek.... your choice of yiddish phrases is seriously pointless... you made a really nice point about a thriving business in your original comment.  To soil it with a poor insult is less than impressive.  Smiley emoticon or not, poor taste.

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