Denver ranks No. 13 on Travel + Leisure's America's Best Cities for Foodies list

Lori Midson
It's dishes like Euclid Hall's duck poutine that catapulted Denver to No. 13 on Travel + Leisure's America's Best Cities for Foodies list
The best city in America for foodniks? According to the readers of Travel + Leisure magazine, which just released its 2011 roster of the best American cities for "foodies," New Orleans is the best city in the country to feed your gullet.

The magazine, which unleashes its America's Favorite Cities survey every year, asks readers to weigh in on everything from the best big-name restaurants to farmers' markets to neighborhood cafes to ethnic cuisine.

How did Denver's dining landscape stack up?

Not bad, as it turns out.

In the big-name restaurants category, Denver came in twelfth; the city ranked fourteenth in the ethnic cuisine category, twelfth when it came to best farmers' markets and fourteenth in the neighborhood cafes category. A total of 35 major metropolitan cities were surveyed, which means that Travel + Leisure readers ranked Denver in the top half across the board. And, when it came to ranking the best overall cities for foodophiles, of which there were twenty, the Mile High City peaked thirteenth, smack dab between Los Angeles, which ranked twelfth and San Diego, which came in fourteenth.

Travel + Leisure scribe Katrina Brown Hunt flattered Euclid Hall, the Cheeky Monk, Manna from Heaven and the Big Fat Cupcake Truck in her Denver shout-out:

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That's great that Denver get 13th rank for foodies travel list. The list shared in the post about food destinations sounds really good and impressive. I am a travel and food lover and loves to discover new food during travel time.


sorry I don't trust a list that has providence and charleston in the top 10.  I've lived in San Antonio and DC for 5+ years each and return frequently.  UNQUESTIONABLY DC is a better food city than San Antonio and Denver. Much more eclectic and ridiculously larger numbers of types of ethnic foods to access. And it is so accessible to people traveling as well with the Metro so convenient.  I prefer living in Denver, and Denver is a good food town for it's lack of access to the sea, but I wouldn't compare it with a city like DC.  


I'm surprised to see DC so low.

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