Reader: Osaka Sushi's Nuclear Roll hurts so good

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Lori Midson
Cafe Society was swimming in sushi yesterday, as Lori Midson's latest "Guess where I'm eating" rubbed readers' nerves raw as they tried to identify this pretty plate of sushi.

And then Kyle Garratt showed more raw courage, as he attempted to conquer the Nuclear Roll at Osaka Sushi.

Consuming the spicy tuna roll was like inhaling raw fire, he says.

Or, as Motoole9 suggests:

The true pain comes when that roll exits your body the next morning. That's why I can't do the extreme spices anymore. It makes one of the greatest free pleasures in life a real pain in the ass!

But then John throws some cold water on the antics with this:

seems a bit insensitive as a menu item considering the recent events no? hope the owner is at least donating to the tsunami/earthquake victims.

Have a favorite sushi roll in town? Post your suggestions below.

Location Info

Osaka Sushi

3940 E. Exposition Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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