Photos: 43,000 pounds of turkey legs ingested at A Taste of Colorado

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Turkey legs. Everyone was eating them over the weekend at A Taste of Colorado at Civic Center Park, where the meaty beasts are downright ubiquitous. On Monday, Taste officials released their cutely named "festimates" of food consumed at the festival, which you can see below, in addition to many more photos of people chomping on turkey legs.

• 43,000 pounds of turkey legs
• 57,000 ribs
• 62,000 ears of corn on the cob
• 2,075 gallons of BBQ sauce
• 15,000 cups of Chobani Greek Yogurt
• 1,800 pounds of cactus
• 121,000 tomato slices
• 16,750 slices of pickles
• 3,000 Kinect for Xbox 360 "human controllers"
• 19,800 pounds of shrimp
• 9,200 pounds of chocolate
• 2,550 pounds of goat and lamb
• 500,000 LEGO and DUPLO bricks in the LEGO Experience Tour exhibit
• 14,500 pounds of chicken
• 750 pounds of cinnamon and sugar
• 9,000 pounds of potatoes
• 12,000 pounds of steak
• 900 pounds of cheddar cheese sauce
• 13,100 meatballs

All photos by Dave Ingraham. Also see: People of a Taste of Colorado slide show.


Lovers of turkey legs.



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I missed the cactus -- what was it used for?

Eric C1456
Eric C1456

Yummmmm!!!!!! Those sure look good...!!! BUT I wonder if these desperately starving people have any idea WHERE those turkeys came from??? Ever seen a turkey slaughterhouse? Let's see here... 43,000 legs = 21,500 turkeys: this particular slaughterhouse does 25,000 turkeys a day: want an inside look?

You people ought to be ashamed... VERY ashamed!

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