Welcome to the future: Coca-Cola's 100-flavor soda machine incites confusion, awe

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Kelsey Whipple
Meet Coca-Cola's freestyle soda fountain: 100 flavors to choose from before you still opt for Dr Pepper.
The Qdoba at Sixth and Grant has housed Coca-Cola's 100-flavor freestyle soda fountain for three weeks now, but the Terminator of the carbonated world is still creating lines all the way to the door.

I stopped by this morning to watch the drink behemoth in action and came away as perplexed and awed as most of the people with whom I stood in line. It's the most interesting soda experience I've had without Mentos, to be sure. But I still have questions.

Will it cause a robot war? And where is Big Red?

Here's how it works: After ordering whatever Mexican-esque food you prefer, think fast. The machine is immediately left of the checkout counter, and you should begin brainstorming your soda combination early lest you end up spending more than three minutes holding up the line only to settle on Coke. (This happened four times in one hour.) The machine's opening screen (pictured above) separates your options into 22 categories that range from improbable (Hi-C) to traditional (root beer and Dr Pepper) while spanning the entirety of the massive Coca-Cola empire. For reasons unknown to both me and a man wearing cargo shorts with tights, this includes an additional sixteen flavors of Dasani water, which are really the same eight flavors repeated with and without carbonation.

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Kelsey Whipple
Once you decide which brand you'd like to start with, you might think you're done. But you're wrong, and you're also holding up the line. The machine includes more than 100 options, a reality that becomes immediately understandable once you realize how many versions of Coke there are. Although the machine's line was both considerable and fraught with furrowed brows when I visited during the lunch rush, it was met with an unfair share of quality deductions. "I guess it adds a little adventure to your lunch," one man said to his friend, "but I'm confident that what's in my cup is not what I ordered." (For the record, his cup was strictly for water, so it's also not what he paid for.)

During the hour I spent at Qdoba pretending to eat chips but mostly just watching people, 73 brave souls changed their perception of a soda machine forever. Of those souls, only 9 were brave enough to order anything that was not one straight soda. Thirty-seven people selected plain Diet Coke. Four made robot jokes. One hummed "Mr. Roboto." More than 70 percent looked confused, but one particular group wore expressions that ventured far enough past confusion to appear genuinely disturbed. One of three men who identified themselves, in all seriousness, as nuclear engineers, explained: "It's not that we're confused about the technology. I'm just confused about why it exists."

To which I could only respond: Why not? If you're still unsure about the entire thing, check out the video below or any of its fellow explanations on YouTube, or review the list of pros and cons further below. After that, try it out. The city's list of freestyle soda fountains also includes a machine at the Anthony's Pizza on Colorado Boulevard. Just don't hold up the line.

-Newfound awareness that there are more than 100 sodas in existence
-Availability of European options
-Regression to the ill-fated concoctions of your youth
-Voyeurism: The real fun is watching what your line companions order

-Extended wait time
-Lack of one woman's favorite iced tea brand
-Unavoidable reality that anything mixed with Coke is disgusting
-Two-hand requirement to use the machine
-Defeat when you realize the machine is smarter than you
-Fear that it will probably take over the world

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Qdoba Mexican Grill

550 Grant St., Denver, CO

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the coke flavor is awful,and it takes too long to operate.Coke should be ashamed.


I'll take the Boylan's soda fountain at Mod Market over this corn syrup dispenser any day.

Noah Yetter
Noah Yetter

100 flavors and yet, I'm sure 0 of them include cane sugar rather than corn syrup. A damn shame.


It's a soda fountain, which means it ultimately boils down to two flavors: "Diabetes" (aka HFCS) or "Brain Damage" (aka Aspartame).

Gina Ricciardi
Gina Ricciardi

i think all of the anthony's must have one, as the one on 29th st. near stapleton does as well--and has for months now. way to be on the ball westword :-P it is also likely all qdobas will have them soon as well, as the one in northfield recently put one in...

upon my first experience with the machine, my instant thought was "omg, how the hell are kids going to do "suicides" now???' (in case you have no idea or have simply forgotten, a "suicide" is a squirt of every flavor of soda available in the fountain in one cup...always disgusting, but now absolutely impossible)


There's one at Anthony's Pizza on 16th Street Mall too!!


But, it does not have them all:

AdeS - drinking water available in Indonesia.[1]Alhambra - drinking water available in the USA.[2]Ambasa - Soft drink sold in Japan and Korea.[3]American [4]Ameyal - Fruit sodas available only in the cities of Cuernavaca and Toluca in MexicoAndina Calcio - Fruit juice available in Chile.[5]Andina Frut/Andifrut - Fruit juice available in Chile.[5]Andina Hi C - Fruit juice available in Chile.[5]Andina Nectar - Fruit juice available in Chile.[5]Apollinaris - German naturally sparkling mineral waterAppletiser - Sparkling apple drinkAquabona (previously Bonaqua) - Mineral water available in Spain.[6] See BonAqua.Aquactive - Sports drink formerly sold in Spain.[7]Aquana - A sports drink available in Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands.[8]Aquapure [4]Aquarius - Sports drinkAquarius Spring - bottled water available in the USA.[9]Aqvaris [4]Aqua Shot - flavoured water available in New Zealand.Arwa - mineral water sold in the West Bank & the Gaza StripAvra - bottled water available in Greece[10]Aybal-Kin [11]

[edit] B

Bacardi Mixers – A co-branded product with the Bacardi rum manufacturer. Tropical drinks available in the United States, Australia and Spain.[8]Bacardi Premium MixersBankia – mineral water available in Bulgaria.Barq's – root beerBarq's FloatzBarq's Red Crème SodaBeat – Citrus flavoured soft drink available in Mexico.[8]Belté[11]Beverly - Non-alcoholic bitter apéritif available in Italy.Bibo – Fruit punch available in Turkey, South Africa, Mozambique and Canada.[12]Big Crush[11]Big Tai[11]Bimbo[11]Bimbo Break[11]Bird's Nest[11]Bistra – Bottled water in Croatia [11]Bistrone – Corn soup available in Japan.[8]Bjäre[11] - Coca-Cola's own julmust, available in Sweden.Black Cherry Vanilla Coca-ColaBlackFire[11]Boco[11]Bom Bit Maesil[11]BonAqua BonActive – Grapefruit flavored sports drink available in Hong-Kong and Macao.[8]BonAqua/BonAqa/Bonaqua – Bottled water, carbonated and noncarbonated, fruit-flavoured or unflavoured. Available in parts of Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.[8] Renamed "Aquabona" in Spain.[6]BotaniQ – Fruit-flavoured water available in UkraineBPM Energy – Energy drink available in Ireland [12]Bright And Early[11]Bubbly[11]Burn – Energy drink available in Europe.[8] Known as "Buzz" in Japan [13]

[edit] C

Cafe Zu - Canned coffee with ginseng available in Thailand.[8]Caffeine Free Barq'sCaffeine Free Coca-Cola - a caffeine free coke. was included in 1983.Caffeine Free New Coke - the ill fated caffeine free coke.Caffeine Free Diet Coke/Coca-Cola light - diet coke with no caffeine.Cal King - Yogurt drink available in Japan.[12]Calypso [11]Canning's - Fruit-flavoured soft drink available in Trinidad & Tobago.[8]Cappy - A juice drink available in some parts of Europe and the Palestinian Territories.[8]Caprice [11]Capri Sun [11]Carioca [11]Carver's [11]Cascal [11]Cepita - A juice druink available in Argentina.[8]Chaho [4]Chañi - Fruit-flavoured soft drink available in some parts of Argentina.[citation needed]Charrua [11]Chaudfontaine - Bottled water available in The Netherlands and in Belgium.[12]Chaywa - Coffee sold at gas stations by means of Vending machines across South Africa.[14]Cheers - Fruit-flavoured soft drink available in Philippines.[8]Cherry Coke - cherry flavored coca-cola.Chinotto - Soft drink made of chinotto fruit.[11]Chinotto light [11]Chippewa [4]Chivalry - Fruit soda available in China.[15]Ciel - Purified, noncarbonated bottled water available in Angola, Mexico and Morocco.[8]Ciel+ - Flavoured water available in Mexico.[8]Citra - later Fanta Citrus. Grapefruit-flavored soft drink.Club [11]Coca-Cola® - Namesake Coca-Cola product.Coca-Cola BlāK - Coca-Cola with coffee flavor added.Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla - Replaced with Coca-Cola Vanilla in 2007.Coca-Cola C2 - discontinued lo-carb and low sugar version.Coca-Cola Citra A citrus col, available only in Japan.Coca-Cola Light (see Diet Coke)Coca-Cola with Lemon 2005 Limited edition, available only someplaces in EuropeCoca-Cola with Lime Lime flavored coke.Coca-Cola Raspberry a test marketed raspberry flavored coke. only in New Zealand.Coca-Cola Orange - 2007 limited edition, available only in the UK.Coca-Cola Zero - Diet version of Coca-Cola, sister product of Diet Coke.Cocoteen [11]Coke II Re-formulated Coca-Cola, replaced original formula Coca-Cola as "New Coke" for a brief time in 1985. Re-branded Coke II in 1992. Discontinued ca. 2002.Colette Cola - discontinued, was only available in the German Democratic RepublicCresta [11]Cristal - mineral waterCrush - PeruCumberland Gap [4]Crystal [11][16]

[edit] D

Daft Cola- The same as Mexican Coke, but put in limited edition Daft Punk bottles and sold exclusively in French clubs.Daizu no Susume - Grapefruit flavored soy soft drink available in Japan [17]Damla - Drink water in Turkey.DANNON[11] (under license)Dasani - Bottled water.[11]Dasani Active[11]Dasani Balance[11]Dasani Flavors - Flavored and lightly sweetened water.[8]Dasani Nutriwater[11]Dasani Plus - Vitamin-enhanced flavored water.[8]Dasani Sensations [8]Deep River Rock - Bottled water available in Ireland.Delaware Punch - Fruit-flavored, non-carbonated soft drink.[8]Del Valle - Mexican nectars and juices, acquired by The Coca-Cola Company and bottler Coca-Cola FEMSA in 2007.DESCA [4]Diet A&W[11] (Under license)Diet Andina Frut/Andina Frut light[11]Diet Andina Nectar/Andina Nectar light[11]Diet Barq's[11]Diet Canada Dry[11]Diet Cherry Coke - Diet version of Cherry Coke.[11]Diet Coke/Coke light - Low-calorie version of Coca-Cola (formally known as Diet Coca-Cola or Coca-Cola Light), sister product of Coca-Cola Zero.[11]Diet Coke Black Cherry Vanilla the ill fated black cherry vanilla diet coke.[11]Diet Coke Citra/Coca-Cola light Citracoca-cola light (diet coke) with lemon-lime flavor.[11]Diet Coke Plus - Diet Coke fortified with vitamins.[11]Diet Coke Sweetened with Splenda - diet coke with splenda instead of aspartame.[11]Diet Coke with Lemon/Coca-Cola light with Lemon - a lemon flavored diet coke. [11]Diet Coke with Lime/Coca-Cola light with Lime - a lime flavored diet coke. [11]Diet Coke with Raspberry[11]Diet Crush - Diet version of Crush.[11]Diet Dr Pepper/Dr Pepper Zero (Under license) [11]Diet Fanta/Fanta light/Fanta Zero/Fanta Free - Diet versions of Fanta.[11]Diet Freskyta - Diet version of Freskyta.[11]Diet Inca Kola - Diet version of Inca Kola.[11]Diet Kia Ora - Diet version of Kia Ora.[11]Diet Krest - Diet version of Krest.[11]Diet Lift/Lift light - Diet version of Lift.[11]Diet Lilt/Lilt Zero - Diet versions of Lilt.[11]Diet Master Pour - Diet version of Master Pour.[11]Diet Mello Yello - Diet version of Mello Yello.[11]Diet Nestea/Nestea light/Nestea Sin Azúcar - Diet versions of Nestea.[11]Diet Oasis - Diet version of Oasis.[11]Diet Quatro/Quatro light - Diet version of Quatro.[11]Diet Sarsi - Root beer flavored soft drink.[8]Diet Schweppes[11] (Under license)Diet Seagrams - Diet version of Seagrams.Diet Sport [11]Diet Sprite/Sprite light - Diet version of Sprite.[11]Diet Squirt - Diet version of Squirt.[11]Diet Tai/Tai light - Diet version of Tai.[11]Diet Vanilla Coke - Diet version of Vanilla Coke.[11]Disney Hundred Acre Wood [4]Disney Mickey's Adventure [4]Disney Winnie the Pooh [4]Disney Xtreme Coolers[4]Diva [11]Dobriy [11]Doğazen - drinking spring water in Turkey.[18]Dorna- Sparkling mineral water available in Romania and Moldova.[11][19]Drim [4]Club orange.. IRELANDDr Pepper - Europe Only

[edit] E

E2- Energy drink available in New Zealand.[12]Earth & Sky - Available in Philippines [11]Eight O'Clock - Juice drink available in Philippines.[8]Eight O'Clock Funchum[11]El Rayek [11]Escuis [11]Escuis light [4]Eva Water [11]Enviga - Fruit-flavored green tea available in Austria, Belgium Czech Republic, Hungary, Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain and the United States.[8]

[edit] F

Fanta - several fruit flavored soft drinks (different for each region)Fanta J-Lemon - Available in Thailand.[8]Fanta J-Melon - Available in Thailand.[8]Fanta Lactic - Milk drink available in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and United States.[8]Finley [11][20]Fioravanti - Fruit flavored soft drink available in Ecuador (1878)[8] and Spain (2006).Five Alive - Five-fruit juice blends available in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda and United Kingdom.[8]Five Alive (US) - Blend of five citrus juices available in Canada and United States.[8]Flavor Rage [11]Floatz [4]Fontana [11]Fraser & Neave [4]Freezits [4]Fresca - Flavored caffeine-free, calorie-free soft drink.[8]Fresca 1 - Grapefruit flavored soft drink available in Costa Rica, Mexico and Panama.[8]Frescolita [11]Freskyta [11]Fresquinha [11]Fress - First introduced in Japan 2004 [12]Frestea (under license) [11]Frisco - Fruit flavored carbonated soft drink available in Finland and Lithuania.[8]Frucci [4]Frugos [11]Frugos Fresh [11]Fruita - (South Australia) [21]Fruitia [11]Fruitlabo [4]Fruitopia - non-carbonated soft drinksFruitopia Freeze[4]Fruitopia TeaFruktime [11]Frutina [11]Frutonic - Lightly carbonated soft drink available in Belgium, Luxembourg and New Zealand.[8]Full Throttle - Citrus-flavored energy drink available in the United States and Canada.[8]Full Throttle Blue Demon - Agave Lime Tangerine energy drink available in United States.[8]Full Throttle Sugar Free[8]Full Throttle Coffee [9]Fuze Beverage - Vitamin infused juice and tea drinks available in the United States.[8]

[edit] G

Genki No Moto[4]Georgia - Coffee drink available in Bahrain, India, Japan, South Korea, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.[8] It is also available in the United States through Japanese Supermarkets.Georgia Cafe au Lait[8]Georgia Club - Coffee beverage available in Singapore, Japan and India.[12]Georgia Gold[11]Gini[11]Glacèau - Vitamin water sold in the United States, Britain and FranceGladiator- an energy drink available in Mexico and BrazilGodiva Belgian Blends - Co-branded coffee/chocolate drink with Godiva, available in the United States[8]Gold Peak Tea - iced tea drink, lemon-flavored, green, diet, unflavored, and diet unflavored, available in the United States.[8]Gold Spot[11]Golden Crush[11]Goulburn Valley[11]Grapette[11]Groovy[11]Guaraná Jesus[11]Guaraná Kuat light[11]Guaraná Kuat Zero[11]

[edit] H

Hajime - Green tea available in Japan.[8]H2OK[4]Happy Valley[4]Haru no Mint Shukan[4]Haru Green Tea - Tea drink available in South Korea.[8]Hawai - Tropical fruit juice available in Morocco and Spain (2006).[22]Healthworks[11]Hero[11]Hi-C - Juice drink available in the United States and Philippines.[8]Hi-C Tea - Tea drinks available in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Mariana Islands, Nicaragua and Philippines.[8]Hires[11]Hi Spot[11]Hit - Fruit flavoured carbonated soft drink available in Venezuela.[8] See Fanta.Honest TeaHot Point[11]Horizon[4]Huang - Tea available in Japan.[12]

[edit] I

Ice Cold Mix[citation needed]Ice Dew - Bottled water available in China.[8]Ice Mountain - Bottled water available in Singapore.[12]Ikon[4]Inca Kola - Soft drink available in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile and the United States.[8] It's also available in Spain through Latin American food stores.Innocent Drinks - Coca-Cola is a 58% shareholder as of 2010 InnocentIpsei[11]Izvorul Alb[11]

[edit] J

Jaz Cola - Cola specifically developed for consumers who live in the Visayan Islands in Philippines.[8]Jericho - Mineral water from Jericho[11]Jet Tonic[11]Jinmeile[4]Jolly Juice[11]Joy[11]Joya - Flavor sodas[11] Available in some cities of Mexico.Jozuni Yasai[4]Jurassic Well[4]Just Juice[11]Juta[4]

[edit] K

Kapo - Available in Chile [5] and Brazil.Kapo Axion[4]Kapo Super Power[4]Keri[11]Kia-Ora[11]Kidsfruitz[4]Kilimanjaro[11]Kin - Bottled water available in Argentina.[12]Kin Light[4]Kinley - This brand is used by two types of drinks:Bottled still water available in Bangladesh, Bulgaria,pakistan, India, Maldives and Nigeria.[8]A carbonated water with a wide array of variants: tonic, bitter lemon, club soda and fruit flavored. Available in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Germany, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Maldives, Moldova, Nepal, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, United States, West Bank-Gaza and Zambia.[8]

Kiwi Blue - Bottled water available in New Zealand.[8]KMX - A multidimensional energy drink available in Puerto Rico and the United States.[8]Kochakaden - Flavoured tea available in Japan.[8]Kola Inglesa[11]Koumi Soukai[11]Krest[11]Kropla Beskidu[11]Kuat - Guarana soft drink available in Brazil and the United States.[8]Kuat Light[11]Kuli[11]Kvass - Russian soft drink acquired by Coca-Cola on 2007.[23]Kyun[11]

[edit] L

Leed[4]Lift - Fruit juice soft drink Albania, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Colombia, Czech Republic, Fiji, Germany, Guatemala, Hungary, Macedonia, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Slovakia, United States and Vanuatu.[8]Lift booty plus[11]Lift Plus light[11]Lilia - Natural mineral water available in ItalyLilt[11]Limca - Lemon-lime soft drink available in India, Nepal, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Zambia.[8]Limelite[11]

Maaza - Mango juice drink with added calcium available in Bangladesh, India, Netherlands and Maldives.[8]Mad River[11]Magnolia[4]Magnolia Funch[4]Magnolia Zip[4]Malvern Water - Bottled spring water available worldwide under the Schweppes brand.[11]Manantial - Bottled water available in ColombiaManzana LiftManzana Mia[4]Mare Rosso - Non-alcoholic bitter soft drink available in Spain.[8]Marocha Chaba no Ko - Unflavored green tea drink available in Japan.[8]Master Chill[11]Master Pour[11]Matusov Pramen[11]Mazoe[11]Meijin[4]Mello[11]Mello Yello - Citrus soft-drink available in American Samoa, Canada, Guam, Japan, Mariana Islands and the United States.[8]Mer[11] - Juice drink available in Sweden.Mezzo Mix[11] light orange flavored coke.Miami[11]Mickey's Adventures - Vitamin-enriched juice drink available in Austria, Belgium, Dominican Republic, France, Hong Kong, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland.[8]Mickey & Friends - Fruit juice available in Japan.[12]Mickey Mouse[11]Migoro-Nomigoro[11]Minaqua[11]Minute Maid - Brand of juice drinks, with a sub-brand of fruit-flavored soda which contains some fruit juice.Minute Maid Active - Orange juice drink enriched with Glucosamine HCI available in the United States.[8]Minute Maid AntiOx - Combination of fruit juices with antioxidizing properties available in Spain.[24]Minute Maid Clásicos - Unsweetened fruit juices available in Spain.[24]Minute Maid Coolers - Fruit beverages available in the United States.[8]Minute Maid Deli[11]Minute Maid Duofrutas - Mix of fruit juice, skimmed milk and vitamins available in Spain.[8]Minute Maid Fresh[11]Minute Maid Fruit Plus - Juice drink available in Japan.[8]Minute Maid Heart Wise - Orange juice drink naturally sourced with plant sterols available in the United States.[8]Minute Maid Hi-C - Available in Costa RicaMinute Maid Juice Box - 100% juice drink available in the United States.[8]Minute Maid Juice To Go - Juice drink marketed in plastic bottles to drink on the go available in the United States.[8]Minute Maid Just 10- Fruit puch flavored juice drink available in the United States.[8]Minute Maid Lemonades and Fruit Drinks - Fruit drink available in the United States.[8]Minute Maid Light - Low calorie fruit drinks available in the United States.[8]Minute Maid Limón&Nada - Lemonade drink available in Spain.[6]Minute Maid Mais - Ready-to-drink juice drink available in Brazil.[8]Minute Maid Multi-Vitamin - Orange juice enriched with vitamins and minerals available in the United States.[8]Minute Maid Nutri+ - Flavored milk drink available in Mexico.[8]Minute Maid Premium - 100% fruit juices available in Spain.[24]Minute Maid Premium Lemonades and Punches - Juice drinks available in the United States.[8]Minute Maid Premium Orange Juice and Premium Blends (Frozen & Refrigerated) - Fruit drinks available in the United States.[8]Minute Maid Pulpy Orange - Drink with orange pulp and flavours available in India.Minute Maid Selección - Fruit juices and nectars available in Spain.[24]Minute Maid SojaPlus - Drink with fruit juice and soy available in Spain.[24]Minute Maid Soft Drink[11]Minute Maid Splash[11]Mireille[11]Mone[11]Monsoon[4]Montefiore[11]Mori No Mizudayori - Bottled water available in Japan.[12]Morning Deli - Fruit drink available in Japan.[12]Mother (100% Natural Energy)[11] - Canned energy drink available in Australia since late 2006.[25]Mount Franklin - Bottled water available in Australia.MoyaseMr Pibb[11]Multiva - Bottled water available in Poland.[12]Multivita[11]

[edit] N

N-JuiceNada[11]Nagomi[11]Nalu - Mango flavored, low in calories soft drink available in Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands.[8]Namthip[11] - Bottled water available in Thailand.Nanairo Acha[11]Nativa[4] - Yerba mate flavored, briefly available in ArgentinaNaturaqua[11]Nature's Own - Flavored mineral water available in Papuva Nueva Guinea.[8]Nectar Andina[4]Nectarin[11]Nestea - Flavored tea drink. Available in Aruba, Australia, Austria. Belgium, Bostnia & Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Equatorial Guinea, Estonia, Finland, France, French Fuiana, Germany, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guam, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Macedonia, Malta, Mariana Islands, Martinique, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Reunion, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Turks & Caicos Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands, the United States and Vietnam.[8] Only ready to drink products are a joint venture between Nestlé and Coca Cola.Nestea COOL - Flavored green tea drink available in American Samoa, British & U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada, Cayman Islands, Indonesia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Republic of Korea, United States, Venezuela and Vietnam.[8]Nestle Chocolate[11]Nevada[11]Neverfail - Bottled water available in Australia.[12]New CokeNext[11]Nico's Brassness[11]Nordic Mist - Line of adult mixers soft drink available in Chile, Finland, Portugal and Spain.[8]Northern Neck[11]NOS (drink)Nusta[4]

[edit] O

Oasis - Non-carbonated juice drink available in Great Britain, Ireland, Malta and Netherlands.[8]Odwalla - Juice drinks and natural health beverages available in the United States and Canada.[8]Old Colony[4]Olimpija[11]OK Soda

[edit] P

PaaniPacific OrchardPampaPamsPearonaPeats Ridge SpringsPepe RicoPibb Xtra - soft drink (is a Coca-Cola product in the US)[11]Pibb Xtra Zero - no-calorie soft drinkPikoPilskalnaPlanet JavaPlayPocarrotPocket Dr.Poiana Negri - Sparkling water available in Romania.[19]Poms - sour apple flavored soft drink available in the Magreb region of North Africa.Ponkana - Juice drink available in Philippines.[8]Pop Cola - Available in the Philippines.PortelloPowerade - sports drink.Powerade alivePowerade lightPowerade OptionPowerade ZeroPowerplayPulp AnanasPump - Bottled water available in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Fiji.[12]

[edit] Q

Qoo - non-carbonated drinkQuatro - Grapefruit and lemon flavoured soft drink available in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay.[8]Quwat Jabal - Citrus flavoured soft drink available in the Middle East.[26][27]

[edit] R

Ramblin' Root BeerRaspberry CokeReady to BrewReal - Mineral sparkling water in Moldova.Real Gold - Energy drink available in Japan.[12]Red FlashRed LionRefresh TeaRelentlessRichRichyRimzimRio GoldRipe N ReadyRiscoRiwaRobinson BrothersRockstar - energy drink (distribution only)Römerquelle - Austrian mineral waterRosa (still and sparkling mineral water available in Serbia)RosaltaRosesRoyal Club ShandyRoyal Tru - An Orange Soft Drink In the PhilippinesRoyal Tru light - Light version of Royal Tru Orange

[edit] S

Steven's Juice (not owned by Coca-Cola)Safety FirstSafiaSamanthaSamurai - A energy drink available in Vietnam and Philippines.[8]San Luis - Bottled water available in Peru.San SaoSantiba - Soda and ginger ale available in the USA in the 1970s.[12]SantolinSarsi - Soda available in Philippines.Saryusaisai - Tea drink available in Japan [28]Schweppes (Under license)Scorpion - Energy drink available in Japan [12]Seagrams - Clear soft drink available in Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Trinidad & Tobago, U.S. Virgin Islands and the United States.[8]SeasonsSeltzSensationSensunSenzao - Guaraná flavoured carbonated soft drink available in Mexico.[8]ShichifukuzenShizen Plus - Green tea blended with complementary natural herb extracts. Available in Thailand.[8]ShockSignatureSimSimbaSimply AppleSimply LemonadeSimply LimeadeSimply Orange - Pasteurized orange juice available in the United States.[8]SintoniaSlapSmart - Carbonated soft drink available in China and the United States.[8]SoboSodafruit Caprice OrangesSokenbicha - Blended tea drink available in Japan and the United States.[8]SoloSonfilSoonsoo 100Southern SunSparkleSparklettsSparkling Yogurt- Carbonated yogurt manufactured by Global Beverage Ent. Inc.Sparletta - Creme soda available in South Africa.[12]Sparletta Iron Brew - Available in South Africa.[12]Splash - A clear soft drink available since 1995 in the autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain.[6]SpliceSport ColaSport PlusSpring! by Dannon - Bottled spring water available in the United States.[8]Spring! by Dannon Fluoride to Go - Fluoridated spring water available in the United States.[8]Sprite - lemon-lime flavored soft drinkSprite 3GSprite IceSprite RemixSprite LightSprite ZeroSpursugarSquirtStoney Ginger BeerSugar Free Full ThrottleSun ValleySun DropSunfill - Juice drink available in parts of Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States.[8]Sunfilled & Fruit TreeSupaSuperkoolsSuperpacSurge - citrus soda (discontinued)SweechaSwerve - Chocolate milk drink.

[edit] T

TaB - Coke's original diet soda, sweetened with saccharinTab EnergyTab x-traTADASTahitian TreatTaiTanoraTarumiTavernThe Tea for DiningTea World CollectionTen Ren - Tea beverage available in Taiwan.[12]The Spirit of Georgia - competitive product to Bionade available in GermanyThe WellnessThextonsThis Water - Coca cola is a 58% shareholder in partent company innocent drinksThums Up - Carbonated soft drink in IndiaTian Tey - Tea available in Belgium.[12]Tian Yu Di/Heaven and Earth - Tea drinks and bottled water available in Hong Kong, Mariana Islands and Singapore.[8]Tiky - Pineapple-flavored soft drink available in Guatemala.[8]TopToppur - Flavoured and unflavoured sparkling water available in Iceland.[8]Top'sTropicalTuborg Squash - orange soda in Denmark.[4][29]Turkuaz - drinking water in Turkey.

[edit] U

UrgeUrge Intense (Energy Drink avaivable in Norway)Urun

[edit] V

Valle - Orange Juice sold in South AmericaValpre - Bottled water available in South Africa.[12]Valser - Flavoured and unflavoured bottled water available in Germany, Russia and Switzerland.[8]Vanilla CokeVault - hybrid energy citrus sodaVault ZeroVegitaBetaVicaVictoria - Fruit sodas available only in the state of Querétaro in MexicoVita - Orange flavoured juice drink available in Zambia.[8]Vital - Bottled water available in Chile.[5]Vital OVitamin WaterVitingo

[edit] W

Water Salad [30]Wilkin's - Distilled drinking water available in Philippines.[8]Wink [11]Winnie the Pooh Junior Juice [11]

[edit] Y

Ya FaceYa BootyYang Guang [4] - Tea varieties (China)Yang Guang Juicy T [4]Yo Momma [4]Youki [11]Yumi [4]Yoli - lemon-lime soda (Only in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico.)

[edit] Z

Zico - coconut waterLimonade[11]Linnuse[11]Lion[11]Love Body - Red oolong tea diet drink with dietary fiber available in Japan.[8]Lemon & Paeroa (L&P) - Distributed in New Zealand and recently in Australia

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