Justice League of Street Food throws its last bash of the season...and maybe ever

Steuben's Food Service was the first gourmet truck to roll into town.
Has a culinary trend fad ever rolled into town -- rolled over a town -- as quickly as food trucks did in Denver? Steuben's Food Service launched the first gourmet truck in June 2010; two months later, more than a dozen had taken to the streets. And it was just last summer that Delores Tronco was standing with Josh Wolkon, owner of Steuben's, "in an empty parking lot next to an abandoned plastic-bag factory warehouse," wondering how she was going to stage the first party hosted by the brand-spanking-new Justice League of Street Vendors. "If 500 people come, we'll be in great shape," she remembers thinking. And then the people kept coming, and coming, and coming. The success was "staggering and humbling," she says.

Now, fifteen months later, the Justice League will hold its last party of the season from 5 to 10 p.m. on Saturday, October 1, at TAXI, 3057 Ringsby Court. And it could be the last Justice League party ever.

"We haven't made any decision about whether we're going to continue next year," Tronco notes. "It's been a great year; we've had an absolute ball. We're trying to determine if the group has a future, if it will disappear and be reincarnated...or just disappear."

But in the meantime, there's going to be a hell of a party, with ping-pong tables, firethrowers, a playground, a DJ and a dance floor. And trucks, of course: Steuben's Food Service Truck, Stick It to Me, Sully's Slice Truck, the Biscuit Bus, Biker Jim's, Denver Cupcake Truck, Pinche Tacos, Bambu Mobile Chinese, Quiero Arepas, Cream City Treats and the Inventing Room. There will be $3 shots all night, as well as $3 food specials at the trucks. And between 8 and 10 p.m., watch for some kind of happy hour. But at these parties, every hour is happy.

"It's awesome to see how this has unfolded," says Tronco. "It's been a really, really great adventure."

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It was nothing more than a gimmick and a fad that was not hatched organically.  I wish people would just like what they like and not wait for someone to tell them what is cool.  Food trucks should be low brow. My favorite trucks are still going to be parked through out the city, most on Feds, for years to come.  They won't have the nice paint job like Steuben's but they will have just as good food.


The trucks themselves are great. Love Civic Center Eats! But do they need a 'group' to survive? Which 'group' is better: Justice League or  Renegades? Why do we have 2 groups anyway?

Nicole Relyea
Nicole Relyea

Oh don't let the last one ever be during GABF!


 I have heard rumors of a third group

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