Sweet Action Ice Cream hosts its third annual Denver Beer Ice Cream Fest

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Most places that want in on this week's beer-y festivities have lined up unusual kegs and interesting events with brewers at their restaurants.

Three years ago, Sweet Action Ice Cream, which has no draft lines in its shop, came up with another cool way to get in on the fun: the Denver Beer Ice Cream Fest, featuring treats made with local beers.

"So far we've done six different flavors every year, and we try to use different breweries," explains owner Sam Kopicko. "My partner, Chia Basinger, tries a lot of different beers and comes up with the flavors."

This year's lineup includes Cream Cheese Apricot Ale from Dry Dock, Black Forest Porter from Denver Beer Co., and a vegan selection: Vegan Banana Mothership from New Belgium.

Although these ice creams are definitely made with beer, Kopicko says they're not going to get you drunk. "We put so little into the batch, I think you'd have to eat about five gallons to even get a buzz," she explains. "And at that point, you'd probably be more sick from the dairy than anything else."

If you'd like to keep your kids away from alcohol, though, consider treating them to Grizzly Bear, made from chocolate root beer from the Rocky Mountain Soda Company.

The special flavors are available through Sunday, September 30.

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Sweet Action Ice Cream

52 Broadway, Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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