Video: See the secluded spring that provides the water for Spring44

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Spring 44's vodka and gin -- the subject of this week's cover story, "Clear Thinking" -- is made with water that comes from a pristine spring in a secluded forest in Buckhorn Canyon, up at 9044 feet.

That source is accessed by a grueling two-and-a-half-mile, four-wheel drive trail, down which Jeff Lindauer, Russ Wall and Jeff McPhie, the partners inSpring44, must haul any water they plan to use in distilling.

In this video, we go up the hill with the founders of the spirits company to see the spring that started it all.

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Megan Bucholz
Megan Bucholz

Spring44 is a great vodka.  I really enjoyed tasting it at the Spring44 Cocktail Competition at SALT the Bistro. Here's my video of the competition.


They should call it 3 douche bags Vodka instead.


you are sad.  it is a great vodka.  the gin is even better

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