32nd Treat is now open in the Lower Highland neighborhood

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32nd Treat
Robert Camacho is a former liquor store owner, but earlier this year, he picked up a spot on 32nd Street in lower Highland and switched his focus from booze to sweets.

Specifically, Camacho joined two popular treats in one concept, building 32nd Treat in the former home of a rug shop to sell frozen yogurt and cupcakes.

His shop is outfitted with five self-serve machines, which churn ten flavors at a time. And he insists that his lineup is unlike any other in the area. "The thing that makes us different from all the other frozen yogurt shops is that we're serving real yogurt that's frozen as opposed to powder," the owner explains. "Our yogurt is made in Boulder by an organic dairy, and all of the yogurt has a Whole Foods standard of natural." He also cites organic flavors, like vanilla and tart, as well as seasonal varieties like pumpkin spice. In total, Camacho will rotate through about fifty different flavors of the frozen treats in the coming months.

In addition to the yogurt, 32nd Treat is selling 25 different flavors of cupcakes at a time, which are brought in by the shop's baker every morning and decorated on site. Recent seasonal selections have included pumpkin spice and harvest apple. Other pastries are available at the shop, too, including cookies and brownies.

Camacho says the shop, which opened on Sunday, is still in soft-opening mode, but he'll probably hold his grand-opening celebration -- complete with specials on treats -- next weekend. Check the 32nd Treat Facebook page for updates.

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32nd Treat - CLOSED

2015 W. 32nd Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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is it far enough away from Happy Cakes to make a go of the cupcakes?


Just walked over to check it out and holy cow is that good stuff.

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