Clavin's Bar & Grill now open in former McMullen's Irish Pub space

After a long run as Pogue Mahone's and a shorter run as McMullen's Irish Pub, a new bar called Clavin's Bar & Grill moved into the space at 17904 Cottonwood Drive in Parker last month.

The spot is named after Cliff Clavin, the popular postman on Cheers (the owner's name happens to be Cliff as well), and manager Mackenzie Riley says the goal is to move Clavin's from being part of the bar scene and turn it in to more of a restaurant (except on the weekends). They've added new lighting and tried to make it more family-friendly; there are a number of young couples' and apartment complexes in the area.

Clavin's will have drink specials during football games on the weekends and during Monday Night Football games; Mondays are also service-industry nights for hospitality workers, as well as policemen, firefighters, postal and hospital workers. Karaoke is on Tuesdays; ladies get half off wine on Wednesdays; and Fridays are date night, where a half a bottle of wine comes with the purchase of two entrees.

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Ive been there a few times. The menu was still a work in progress, meaning that they didnt have anything. Went there for a Bronco game and they had rap music on vs the audio from the game, this was during a poker night. Eventually, they changed the audio. At least the barman was pretty friendly. It competes with Funugyz across the street. .And a last note.. who makes a bar a family bar.. two concepts that dont work well together..

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