Reader: Someone needs to invent a Ziploc utility belt for the Great American Beer Festival

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The Great American Beer Festival is over for another year -- but it's not too early to start planning what you'll wear to next year's event.

Tired of the ubiquitous pretzel necklaces, we came up with "five disgusting alternatives," including a doughnut necklace and a cantaloupe necklace -- for those who like to drink dangerously.

Our fashion spread inspired this from Dave Butler:

I saw a necklace of potato-chip bags. Perhaps someone can invent the Tupperware or Ziploc utility belt with sealable sections for many kinds of foods. Granted, they don't allow backpacks but as far as wearable food -- anything goes (at least so far). I didn't see any Lady Gaga meat dresses, however.

What was your favorite snack at the Great American Beer Festival? And what will you be wearing to next year's event?

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